The most unlikely Christmas movies

Last updated 11:02 14/12/2010

Each year, television channels interrupt our regular programming over the Christmas season to bring us a selection of movies to keep us from throttling our parents or getting into fights with our siblings.

12 Blogs XmasNot all families are like this, but I'm sure the TV networks work on the assumption that sooner or later everyone will have had enough of talking to each other and need to sit down in front of the box and put their feet up after eating and drinking all day.

Some of these movies are logical for the time of year, with titles wheeled out like Home Alone, The Grinch, A Muppet Christmas Carol and Santa Claus: The Movie (the awesome one from 1985).

However, there are often one or two odd choices on the primetime schedule that confuse me. I always remember seeing Labyrinth as a kid and being completely traumatised by it. I sadly grew up knowing David Bowie only as that creepy guy from Labyrinth who comes to take babies away in the night. It has only been in my adult years that I've come to know him as a music artist and as long as I don't have to watch him perform, I'm okay!

Speaking of which, another questionable entry has to be The Dark Crystal with those scary Skeksis and their unnerving whining. Oh, and did anyone else get completely freaked out by what happens to the horse?

I can understand why these sorts of fantasy films show up around this time of year: it's a time of magic which blends well with fantasy. As a kid, I always remember there being The Neverending Story or the neverending sequels showing on TV.

The Nightmare Before Christmas is also a funny one too because I get caught up thinking, "is this a Halloween movie about Christmas or a Christmas movie featuring the stars of Halloween?" This sort of thing keeps me up at night, you know!

Then there is the blockbuster club of totally unrelated films such as Jaws, Jurassic Park, Men in Black and even the films named after completely different holidays like Independence Day.

Is it just a decision to put popular movies on to attract viewers or is someone playing some kind of random prank on the people paying attention to what's on? Anyone else got a random movie they've seen show up on TV over Christmas?

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Athene   #1   11:07 am Dec 14 2010

I had the bigest crush on David Bowe in Labyrith ... mmmm, I still dont htink im over it :) haha.

Cant say i get into te whole xmas movie thing, I find them a bit naff. I do like Love Actually tho, but I'll quite happily watch that at any time of the year

Lil Miss Trouble   #2   11:10 am Dec 14 2010

As a kid I remember every year on christmas day they would play HR Puff and Stuff... you know the one....with the kid and the creapy talking flute. It was seriously disturbing *shudder*

HelenHeels   #3   11:11 am Dec 14 2010

For me it was Dr Zivago. Hated it, my nana likee it especially if it was the old school one with Lawrence Olivier in it. It went for hours and hours and was boring as watching paint dry. I remember it being just snow for hours. I hated it. And every year we watched it. Though strangely I would probably watch it again for old times sake just to see if it was as bad as I remember.

Its the old school epics, The Ten Comanments, Cleopatra etc that I remember. BORING. I'm only 37, but the nana, she was around the first time around for these movies so I think it was more the nostelgia of her youth than anythign else. Hopefully she was immune to my whinging.

Kate   #4   11:15 am Dec 14 2010

I'm thrilled that I've managed to catch 'Troop Beverly Hills' on more than one Christmas. Shelley Long playing camp leader is such a fab guilty pleasure.

We're the girls from Beverly Hills! Shopping is our greatest thrill!

Thalia   #5   11:18 am Dec 14 2010

I am planning to watch the life of brian... doesn't get more christmassy than that.

Romans the people the house they go!

Most random one I've seen on xmas was something like message in a bottle... I was like wtf has that got to do with xmas?

Dandy   #6   12:00 pm Dec 14 2010

There is only one Christmas movie worth watching - 'It's a Wonderful Life' that old B&W James Stewart chestnut from the 1940's.

Although I have to wonder if I only appreciate it because it is Lister's favourite movie in the Red Dwarf series. Probably achieves some 'transferred coolness' due to this association to be fair...

Nick Aldwell   #7   12:04 pm Dec 14 2010

With this kind of sentiment, maybe it's time to give up on Christmas?

Do you really need to celebrate either a) rampant consumerism or b) religious doctrine?

Why can't we just have a big party with all our friends and family and be happy that we lived through another winter?

Noodle   #8   12:12 pm Dec 14 2010

I've never actually seen the dark crystal. That's the Jim Henson movie, ja? Never looked very appealing to me.

The Nightmare before Christmas, however - I LOVE that. Mostly I like singing along to the songs cos I'm a child but all the imagery and stuff is awesome, too.

A-T   #9   12:21 pm Dec 14 2010

Die Hard ..... has EVERYTHING to do with Christmas. It's set on Christmas Eve, and even has a kind-of Christmassy soundtrack. Mmmmm....John McLean....

LOL Thalia, Life of Brian is an awesome idea :-D

Scott   #10   12:22 pm Dec 14 2010

The African Queen (Bogart / Hepburn). Think I've seen that over a dozen times at this time of the year, although it hasn't been on recently.

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