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Last updated 09:35 22/09/2009

It's official: we're no longer a family of three, we're a giant, big family

Twin snugglesThe twins are here, and doing well.  Vital statistics, for those who care:

Finley Etienne (Finn), 2.38kg (5lb 4), born at 12:37pm.
Genevieve Madeleine (Vieve), 2.54kg (5lb 10), born at 12:41pm.

Finn is the wide-eyed, observant type.  He takes very much after my husband's side of the family, though it looks like he might have the snowy-white hair I had as a child.  His middle name is in honour of his grampa Steve, whose absence is keenly felt.

Vieve is the picture of me as a baby, though her hair looks like it has a disconcerting tendency towards strawberry blonde.  She is much bolshier (and prone to hiccups) than him, as expected from their behaviour in the womb.

I was lucky; all the hands-and-knees gardening with Xander positioned them nicely and I had my natural birth after a five-and-a-half-hour labour.  

Due to their slight prematurity (they were 36 weeks and 5 days) and low blood sugar, they spent their first night in NICU.  Watching your babies be rolled away is hard, but not as hard as seeing them with IVs, monitors and tubes everywhere.  Poor Vieve still has a bruised hand from six IV attempts.  I'm thankful they were able to room in with me after a day.  

Tiny handWe've been home for four days.  Life is a whirlwind of nappies, feeding, winding, expressing, and a few snatched moments of sleep.  Xander's had a tummy bug, and my blood pressure has been high enough to earn me a threatened trip back to hospital.  I'm befuddled by lack of sleep, so bear with me... and don't expected a well-reasoned, relevant argument as the point of this blog.  It's just for the gossip.

I'm at that stage of babyhood where it's all about the boobs.  Finn and Vieve are small and sleepy enough that we have to wake them for feeds.  By the time we've juggled them into both feeding, winded them, bottle-fed them a top-up of expressed milk, got them to sleep and expressed the next round, there's an hour and a quarter until the next round.  I have RSI from patting babies' backs.  

I don't know how we'd do it without my mother-in-law.  It has been absolutely fantastic to have her here.  She offers me foot-rubs, cleans up after poor, sick Xander, and delivers all my meals.  It would be so much harder without her.  

I had been worried over the effect on Xander.  I needn't have worried.  He's been a star.  He Xander and Finnvisited us in hospital and was just so delighted to meet them.  He was sitting on my lap holding Vieve.  When she wiggled, he said, "Mummy, sing the 'Hush Little Baby' song!"  I got one line in and, being hormonal and weepy, broke down into tears over his sweetness.  He's also come in very handy for the assorted gentle tickling, stroking and prodding that is useful for keeping sleepy babies focused on feedings.

What I didn't expect was how foreign Xander would seem.  He seems gigantic and strange.  I can't get over how grown-up he seems.

So now we are five.  It's all a blur at the moment... but I'm getting there.  I'll be fine.  We'll all be fine.

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Natalie   #1   09:41 am Sep 22 2009

OMG - HUGE congratulations Donelle!!!!! Well done you - that's a fantastic achievement!!!! Sounds like you had a wonderful (well, you know what I mean) birth experience with those bundles of gorgeousness. I know the one night away was probably a bit rough but hey, could have been a lot worse - esp with the twin thing... And yes, you will be fine, just don't bother trying to anything other than feed and cuddle for many months to come!

paul   #2   09:57 am Sep 22 2009

Congrats, they look beautiful.

Hazel   #3   10:05 am Sep 22 2009

Awww. Beautiful. But where did you find the time to type this? ;->

Des   #4   10:20 am Sep 22 2009

@ Hazel - hahaha, I was thinking the same thing! Super Mum & Super Blogger.

Congratulations - what a very special time for you all.

Jane   #5   10:41 am Sep 22 2009

Congrations! Don't forget the role of God in all of this though!

kylie   #6   11:13 am Sep 22 2009

Congratulations! What lovely wee babies. Your son sounds like he is the proudest big brother in the world!

JeM   #7   12:52 pm Sep 22 2009

Donelle you are a champion! Congratulations, they are beautiful.

Hera   #8   01:04 pm Sep 22 2009

Perfect Donelle. They are lovely! You are a very lucky mama!

Jen   #9   01:05 pm Sep 22 2009

What gorgeous wee babies!! Congratulations!

And @ Jane #5 - shush, this is no place for grandstanding. Let the nice lady enjoy what she and her family have made.

CT   #10   01:23 pm Sep 22 2009

Congratulations and well done on producing such beautiful babies (all 3 of them!). Enjoy this hectic time, because as I am sure you already know, they grow up way too fast!! Take care and enjoy your family of 5......

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