The final countdown

Just two days to go. All the presents are wrapped (except the one for Aunty Judith), the tree has been decorated (and redecorated, and redecorated, and swapped for a miniature one on top of the TV cabinet), and I've done all but the last-minute grocery shopping.

The tree was sort of frustrating, actually. I went to a fantastic multiple birth club Christmas party at a member's house.  She has twin boys a bit older than my two. 

Their tree was perfectly decorated, sparkling... and upright.  Ours lasted less than a day before I gave up, having found it lying on the floor, stripped of ornaments, while Finn attacked it with a foam sword.  I asked for her secret.

"I told them Santa Claus won't come if the tree falls down."

Genius.  Evil, but genius. We don't really talk up Santa in our house, but I think that is brilliant.

Decorating the Christmas tree is the most significant part of our Christmas tradition.  Just about every ornament has been handmade for my kids either by me or my mum.  My mother started the tradition when we were kids; we all have a beautiful collection of felt ornaments with our initial (and the year) on the back.  I finally finished this year's set a couple of nights ago.

And I've finally done our annual Christmas kid photo shoot.

This is much more difficult with three children than it used to be with one.

It started well this year:

But rapidly devolved once Vieve insisted on fleeing:

And attempting to reinstate her didn't work well:

Yeah, sometimes Christmas makes me feel like that, too.


Merry Christmas to you and your family!  May all your Christmas Day look like the first photo, not the third.  See you in the New Year.