Childish humour

21:01, Oct 28 2012

Knock knock!
Who's there?
Fly who?

This is what counts as a quality joke to my seven-year-old. He's just got the hang of the "knock knock" format, and abuses it to the utmost.

Knock knock!
Who's there?
Black who?

If nothing else, it demonstrates that he has a firm grasp of the concept of compound words. For a while, the first answer would have absolutely no connection to the final answer.  

Knock knock!
Who's there? 
Boo who? 

It was funny, but not in the way he expected.


(My favourite knock knock joke doesn't work so well in text, but here goes:  

Knock knock!;
Who's there?
Interrupting dog!
Woof woof woof!)

I love that he is old enough to engage in wordplay with me. Last week, we were looking at plants. In an attempt to get out of writing, he complained that he was bored. I teased him that he was "exSEEDingly" bored. He giggled, and said "No, I'm TREEmendously bored."

That's just the sort of punny fun that I adore.

He's always been a champion of physical comedy. When the twins were younger, he could reduce them to hysterics by repeatedly whacking himself in the head, exclaiming "Arrrrgh!" and falling dramatically backwards on to the couch.  

So it's probably no surprise that his favourite cartoon is Roadrunner. He has a tendency to describe everything that's happening on the screen. "Uh-oh. Is the train REALLY coming? Ooh. OOH! Haha! The roadrunner was driving the train! That was hilarious."

While his stream-of-consciousness narration can be entertaining, it can also be irritating. He tends to describe what's about to happen in movies that he's seen before, even if other people haven't. We've explained about spoilers, and asked how he would feel if someone told him that Darth Vader is <...redacted because of spoilers...> before he'd got to watch it.

What's the worst joke your kids have told you?  Do they talk at the TV?