Frame and fortune

I am dreadfully short-sighted. I never caught a ball until I was seven, soon after I got my first pair of glasses. The day we collected them, I walked outside and said "Trees have leaves." I knew they did, I just hadn't expected them to be so... distinct.

Since hubby is short-sighted, too, we naturally kept an eye out for any signs of it in our kids. Our eldest regularly pointed out things I couldn't see even with my glasses, so we decided it wasn't a problem.

Then, earlier this year, he started getting regular headaches. We took to him an optometrist, where he was diagnosed - much to our surprise - as long-sighted. He got glasses for reading, computers, and other close work, and the headaches vanished.

He's the same age I was when I got glasses, but the difference is that I had to wear mine all the time. His are on-again, off-again, and it's the off-again that causes problems.

We were thankful that we'd got a 2-for-1 deal when one pair disappeared after a week. He'd been reading, went outside with them on, took them off somewhere, and... *poof*. We hunted everywhere, but couldn't find them. He got a talking-to about being careful, and we specified a place for him to leave them.

It didn't work. He'd forget to take them off when he finished reading, leave them in the oddest places, then forget where he put them. I suppose leaving them in the birdhouse was more careful than leaving them on the ground, but he's lucky we found them at all.

One day he came home from the neighbours' house without his glasses. It was dark when we realised, so hubby went with him. It turned out that his mysteriously missing pair were there, too, for six weeks!

A week later, the newly found pair were ruined. He'd worn them out to lunch at One Day School, left them on the playground, and they'd been stood on. Several times, by rampaging rhinos, by the look of them. Possibly rampaging rhinos doing the rhumba. Rigorously.

They were reduced to a scratched, flattened tangle... in several pieces. They were absolutely beyond repair.

Stern words were spoken. We ordered a replacement pair with a flexible, bendable frame. He promised to be more careful.  

He'd had his new glasses for one day when hubby found them on the floor in the hallway, with a scratch on one lens.

I don't know what to do, really. He's not malicious, just forgetful, but it's an expensive business. I could do the ultra-chic glasses strap (in fluoro-green with clear plastic loops, for true 80s-child-nostalgia), but he'd probably bash his glasses into things if they were hanging around his neck. Although, adding an extra step to taking them off might make him more conscious?  

Worth a try, I reckon. Any other suggestions? Commiserations?

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