Still a father on Father's Day

Last updated 08:00 13/09/2012

Another year, another Father's Day down. That makes three for me so far! To be fair, I should have got this blog up last week, but I got a bit sidetracked. I was well looked after by my little girl in terms of a card and a present (though her mummy may have had a hand in it), and I was playing it last week when I should have been blogging. My bad!

This Father's Day just gone was particularly nice as my sister-in-law's 21st was the night before. We had a great night, and then I was able to enjoy a nice cooked breakfast in the morning - though I tend to manage this most weekends thanks to visiting my parents with my daughter. She even managed to sleep in until about 8am, which is almost unheard of. It may have had something to do with her waking up in the night and wanting to come and join in the party, which was still going!

All fathers want something different out of Father's Day. Some are happy with just a card and a cuppa in bed. Others like some time to themselves to pursue their interests, whether it's a morning of golf or an afternoon of fishing. Some like to just disappear into the shed and tinker. Some families do presents and make a bit of a deal of the occasion, so some dads are probably finding the time to use those gifts.

Some of the dads I talked to on the day were looking forward to a nice roast for dinner; others took their family out for lunch or brunch. A few enjoyed the day by getting out for some family activities, getting to the beach or out for a bike ride.

Whatever you did for Father's Day, there is one overarching theme that should have applied to all dads: despite it being a day for celebrating fathers, it's not a day off from being one. You still have the same responsibilities, the same jobs. You might be lucky enough to put some of your chores on the back burner for a day, or have the family rally around to do them for you. Chances are, though, your kids aren't really going to understand that it's any different from any other Sunday. The older ones might, but when it comes down to it, they're not going to shelve their demands on your time.

That's the thing about being a parent, it's just not about you anymore. It sounds obvious, but I'm always amazed at the number of parents that just don't seem to get this. It might be Father's Day, or your birthday, or whatever, but as soon as your kid needs something, you're ready to spring into action. If your kid's sick, then you still have to clean up after them. If your kid bumps their noggin, you'll be right there with kisses and a cold cloth, no matter how close your team is to scoring a try in that footy match you're watching.

When you become a parent, it's not like you can cruise down to the casino for an evening's gambling and just leave the kids in the van. You can't expect nothing to change in your lifestyle, it's just not realistic. But hey, it's not like you don't get anything in return. If nothing else you get a whole day every year devoted just to you. Just remember what it's all about, and why you're being made a fuss of in the first place.

How was your Father's Day? Dads, did you do anything special? Did you mums do anything to celebrate the fathers in your life?

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layna   #1   10:23 am Sep 13 2012

This year i think we had the best fathers day we have had in years. I am 24 with a 17yo brother and we were firmly told by our mother that we were to plan the whole da., so i came over earlyish in the morning where my brother was cooking breakfast, we sat down and ate as a family and then did the present thing and then we went for a drive and played a round of mini golf, sounds simple but we just enjoyed being in the company of eachother which i think days like mothers and fathers day are about. I for one loved everyminute.

Holly   #2   03:45 pm Sep 13 2012

My husband (navy) had to work fathers' day unfortunately, it is only his second fathers' day, but he had work his first one as well. We got him a pressie and a card, although he said he didn't want either. Our son (13mo) signed the card with swiggles. I got my father a book he wanted, and my poppa a card, the FIL got a r2d2 mug with a lid =)

K   #3   03:58 pm Sep 13 2012

We have little ones, so I gave my husband a day/afternoon to himself. Neither of us get time to ourselves usually so he was pretty happy with that! And a pressie. And breakfast. Very spoilt!

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