'I sad right now'

22:16, Sep 13 2012

I've come over all nostalgic lately. Finn and Vieve turned three this week, and I've been reflecting on them, and me, and how far we've all come.

My Finn, my once-upon-a-time quiet and shy Finn, has gone through a staggering explosion of language and sociality lately. The boy who would hide his face if a familiar person greeted him has morphed into a chatty social butterfly. ("I waved at him! He said hi and waved at me!")

He has such a sense of curiosity about the world.  At least, I assume that is what inspired him to put rice bubbles up his nose. It certainly describes what happened after a recent supermarket visit.

They like to shriek in the underground carpark (I hate it and try to discourage them). They yell "ECHO! ECHO!" having learnt that from their big brother. When we got back in the car, Finn said "Where'd echo go?" He yelled "ECHO!" then said "Echo gone!"

Vieve said "It's in mine mouth. ECHO!"

Finn said "It's in mine mouth? ECHO! No, echo gone!" I love that he is so observant and determined to work the world out.


He does often muddle his pronouns, so that we get things like "Nana broke him ankle. She put her little sock on and make him all feel better," but oh boy, he makes language work for him.

The day before their birthday was surprisingly windy. We were at Playcentre, and made "kites" by tying a string to the handles of a plastic bag. The gusts blew them around in dancing circles, a la American Beauty, and Finn and Vieve had a wonderful time climbing to the top of the little hill, letting the string go, and leaping on the drifting bags despite sudden and unexpected changes of direction. 

Finn chanted either "1, 2, GO!" or "1, 2, 3, 6, GO!" before letting it go and shouting "Hey! Come back!" (even if it was still wrapped around his leg). Each capture was celebrated with "I got it! I catch it!"

Once it got away from him, barrelling down the side of the sandpit. He stood and pouted, but Vieve valiantly chased it. "It didn't blow away! My Vieve catched it!" Whenever he says "my Vieve", my heart melts.

Suddenly a massive gust whisked it away from him, and up into a tree. He was so sad (and I felt very guilty).  

"It's way up! We can't get it! My bag way up that tree cos it's way up cos I see it."  

It was so high I couldn't even reach it with a rake. "We need a big one! How will we get it down?"

I said I didn't know, and asked what he thought we could do. "We can use Grandma to get it!"

That made me boggle. Grandma is five feet tall. Not to worry, Finn knew what he was talking about. "Grandma got a ladder in her basement to get it, go way up!"

"It's very windy. Is it safe to use a ladder when it's windy?"

"The wind might blow her ladder away. I can't use my little hands to get it. I sad right now."

His quiet little "I sad right now", as he accepted that there was not really a way to get it down out of the tree... I found it utterly amazing, especially for a newly-three-year-old.  

Sometimes things do go wrong, and there's nothing we can do about it. If he can process and articulate his disappointment, and then move on, he's doing great.

I love you, Finn. (Vieve, too, of course, but her post is coming next week.)

Do you get nostalgic around birthdays?

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