Undies go on your head

22:50, Sep 16 2012

My boy/girl twins turned three last week. I've been feeling nostalgic. They are fascinating individuals; I wrote about Finn here. Now it's Vieve's turn.

Vieve has always been an expressive little chatterbox. Last week she told me I had a "whisker bum".  What I love most about her, though, is her sense of humour, and how much she expresses without words.

She has an impeccable sense of physical comedy.

There is an unmistakeable twinkle in her eye when she is being silly. For example, when she dressed up as a doctor at Playcentre, she didn't just put the stethoscope on. She put it around her waist, paused for a cheeky grin, moved it to her arm and grinned again, before putting it on properly.

I know she shares her father's sense of humour. It is apparently hilarious to wear undies on her head.

She has a firm belief that Band-Aids are the cure for all injuries, and wants to keep wearing them until there is no remaining mark at all. When her scraped little toe's Band-Aid fell off, she demanded a new one.  I told her no, because "it needs some fresh air".


"NO! I already played outside!"

"That's fine, but your sore toe needs some fresh air."

Vieve shrieked, but then got an "A-HA!" expression on her face. She opened the back door just enough to stick her leg out and hold her foot up in the air. Problem solved; fresh air for her toe, but she hadn't had to go outside. The grin on her face told me she knew very well what she was doing.

Physically, she is surprisingly strong, and very daring. She likes playing "hang off Daddy's arm" and has the core strength to hold her legs above horizontal while doing so.  Daddy also provides the perennial favourite games of "throw me higher! More again!" and "upside-down-over-shoulders".

A grandad at Playcentre brought her over to me one morning; he was absolutely shaken by the fact that she had leapt off a shoulder-high (on me) platform, but she was fine.

With all of her confidence, I was surprised to discover she's terrified of birthday candles.  

(I know it's awful of me, but this photo makes me laugh and laugh.)

There were a few tears, but we didn't pressure her. Finn wanted to blow her candles out, and she said he could.

Once the cakes were cut and served, she asked to have the candles lit again. Finn was too fast for her, but on the third try she got to blow out her candles.

Yay Vieve! Happy birthday, and well done for trying something that frightened you. Love you, kiddo.