I wish she'd go away

21:42, Oct 14 2012

Hormonal mum is here again,

She always screams and shouts.

Her kids are nothing but a pain,

Her head is filled with doubts.


She's ever such a grumpy mum


Who cannot stand the noise

Of trains, guitars, a bongo drum

And other favourite toys.


Although on any other day

She loves to have a hug,

Today she thinks "Just go away!"

And dodges with a shrug.


She's sick of always picking up

The same damn piles of stuff;

Like cars and dolls, an empty cup,

And Lego, crumbs and fluff.


Tomorrow she will be all right

And in a better mood.

So until then, she'll say "Good-night!"

(And raid the fridge for food).


Can you relate?  How do you cope on those days when you just want to be left alone?


I'm very pleased to announce the winners of the PG babywearing competition!

* a Moby wrap (very kindly donated by Scarecrow Farm)  - Trishy

* a $20 Unido voucher -  Tory Tucker

* a $20 Adventure Kids voucher  - Totara

We'll be in touch soon.