Oh, the ingenuity

19:52, Nov 22 2012

Oh, my Finn. So blonde and angelic, with such a devilishly mischievous heart. You make me cry with simultaneous frustration, amazement and pride.

You are:

A strategist

You have a sense of tactics well beyond your age. I admit it; I completely fell for your feint. It was genius, smearing lip balm all over the bathroom sink as a distraction in order to get time to tackle your true target. I still have no idea what you did with the contents of an entire box of tampons, but I appreciate the thoroughness that made you unwrap them all, and the neatness with which you stuffed the plastic wrappers into the centre of the toilet roll.

A gardener


Your attempts at camouflage are quite impressive, too. You were so smeared with the contents of my tomato seedling pots that I barely noticed you in the middle of the pile of potting mix and tiny plants in the middle of my kitchen floor. I particularly liked the way you used a handful of dirt to hide your pink little mouth. It's a shame the spitting noises gave the game away. 

A mimic

You're aching to be a big kid. You tag along after the older boys at home and Playcentre, and you steal your big brother's clothes whenever you get the chance. I love the "Huckleberry Finn" look, but I'm not so fond of getting mooned whenever you forget to hold the pants up.

An innovator

I know you want to help me hang up the laundry, but we don't do it by throwing the clothes in the air and crowing excitedly when they get stuck on the clothesline. 

A dreamer

It seems that you have incredible dreams. You still complain about the dragon that stole your chippies. Apparently it was a blue dragon, and it took the chippies up to a cave in the sky and turned them into money. What a naughty dragon! 

An observer

Your language is terrific.  I laughed until I fell over when you described the fan heater in the change room at Playcentre as "It really angry. I get a clean bum, it be so happy!" It does look angry... but I never would have noticed without your view of the world, and your ability to express it. Thank you.


What inspired this post? I realised that while I sometimes write about just your older brother, I usually write about you and your twin sister as a unit. Your interactions are fascinating and often hilarious, but you are your own person, with a unique perspective and personality. 

I love you, my Finny.