The problem with November

20:53, Nov 20 2012

November has lots to recommend it. There's lots of family birthdays (including Xander's). The weather is warmer (mostly), and the vege garden is offering the first fresh tastes of summer.

The lengthening evenings offer so much potential for walks, backyard games, or gardening. But therein lies the problem with November.

I first suspected that we would eventually have trouble getting my three-year-olds to sleep at their usual time when Vieve looked up from the table and said "Why is it dinner time in the day?" We explained how it was turning into summertime, and that daytime is longer in summer. 

Bedtime continued much as usual for another week or two, but then... then came fireworks season. What had once been a relatively dark, easy time to get them to sleep was now a dim dusk populated by exciting bangs, flashes and booms.

The thickness of our curtains made no difference. The explosions and excited shrieks echoed down the street, enticing them to throw aside the shackles of curtains (and bedtime).

On several nights I found them perched on the end of a bed, gazing out the window. If there were fireworks visible, they'd usually give the game away with their squeals of glee. Otherwise, they'd stand there, watching, waiting, doing anything but sleeping.


I remember the siren call of summer evenings when I was a child, lying in bed with the sun shining outside. It seemed unfair. If it wasn't for the strictures of, oh, the rest of the world, I might be inclined to go with it.

I'm an evening person, and so are my kids. We're allergic to mornings, or at least intolerant. If we didn't have places to be, it'd be okay to move our routine to suit, but we can't do that.

I'm quietly hopeful that with Guy Fawkes and Diwali past, the every-early-evening fireworks might settle, and the attraction of staring out the window will pass. Surely the stocks must be starting to run down! (Ironically, someone down the road just set some off as I typed that paragraph. Sigh.)

Mind you, with sunsets like this, November nights don't need fireworks to be amazing.

Are you finding the longer days are upsetting your bedtime routines? How about fireworks?