Hooray for Healthline

20:00, Nov 29 2012

I struggle most with my three kids when they all get sick at the same time. It was actually a factor in our decision to have a family with two children, but my ovaries had other plans. Jackpot!

So this has been a rough week. I remain thankful that it's not a vomiting bug, though there have been complaints of sore stomachs. Mostly it's fever, lethargy, and boogers galore.

My eldest succumbed first. There were a few sniffles, but the main sign was an unusually recalcitrant attitude. I always, always forget that my kids being especially stroppy and perplexing is a sign of oncoming illness. I'm often baffled and start second-guessing them and myself, right up to the point where fever (and realisation) hits.

The first sniffles and stroppiness were on Saturday. On Sunday he seemed fine all day, but crashed in a flushed, feverish heap on the couch at 7pm. He slept most of the next two days, and is still not himself.

Finn spiked a fever on Monday night, and his twin sister a few hours later. They've followed the same pattern.


I've rung Healthline several times this week.

My instincts are usually pretty good, but sometimes it's nice to get confirmation. I'm pretty laid-back, but sometimes second-guess myself. With my eldest, my instincts said "He's really quite hot, but he's drinking, and it's too soon to be concerned." Healthline agreed.

I called the next day about Vieve when she developed a horrible barking cough. Healthline have been very helpful in the past when she developed croup and ended up spending a night in hospital. They were supportive this time, too, and suggested warm apple juice for the coughing.

I'm not a nervous mum, but this illness has had longer-lasting (and hotter) fevers than I've encountered before. I don't want to haul three kids out to the doctors if I don't have to. It's nice to have the option of calling for a second opinion.

I also called our pharmacy; the bottle of 120g/ml strength paracetamol for the twins is empty, and I wanted to check my maths before giving them a smaller dosage of the 250mg/ml that my eldest has. I was pleased that I did the maths right through my exhausted, ill daze.

Now that I'm coming down with it, I completely understand why they have all slept so much. It's like being hit by a truck that then unloaded an elephant on to your chest. I understand why Vieve cried that her knees were tired; I'm achy, too. 

I wish I could spend my days in bed or on the couch as they are. But, as is always the way when my kids and I get sick, we have a house inspection next week.  Sigh.

Have you rung Healthline when your kids were sick? Did you find it helpful?

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