My dearest, darling daughter

23:11, Dec 06 2012

My three-year-old daughter is quite a character. Though I often write about her in conjunction with her twin brother, I want to give her a little bit of solo attention. Vieve gives me plenty of blog fodder, after all.

She's a child of big emotions, and they often overflow. One of her characteristics that I truly appreciate is that she will take a deep breath in the midst of frustration and attempt to explain.

She tends to lose that ability when she's unwell, though. Some causes of meltdowns over the past week include:

* All the daisies being gone from our lawn (because we mowed).

* Me undoing one of her buttons instead of both (because only one was actually done up in the first place).

* Every single pair of undies in her drawer being forcefully rejected (because "NO! They BORING!")


Ahh, threenagers.

She continues to have strong opinions on her clothing. Her current obsession is her "balloween" (ballerina) PJs, handed down from a Playcentre friend. I had to negotiate her out of wearing them to Playcentre one day, on the basis that she could put them on again once we got home. When we arrived home, she walked up the front steps, dropping clothes as she went. By the time she got to the front door she was stark naked, all ready for her balloween.

Let me share one of our recent conversations with you:

Vieve, gazing out the window: "I need a pink sharp knife."

Me: "Uh, why?"

Vieve: "To cut the bad guys. They stealing all your flowers and eat them. I need to kill them."

Me: "Hmm, I do like my flowers, but I don't like cutting people."

Vieve: "They take your flowers. I need a sharp knife. A pink knife."

Obviously she's been around my eldest boy and his friends. I'm not sure if it's the sharp knife or the insistence on a pink one that worries me more!

Plans of violence to flower-thieves aside, she's a nurturing, kind child, with a keen sense of humour. I love her to bits.

What do you appreciate most about each of your kids?