Heck of a holiday

Holidays. Love them; hate them.

We're stuck at home this week, while we wait to see if Vieve's fevers over the last few days presage the arrival of chicken pox spots. Without the regular distractions of Playcentre and outings, we're all going a bit crazy.

My eldest is driving me particularly mad. Nagging has never worked to get him what he wants, yet he continues to attempt it. Too many of our conversations lately have ended like this:

Him: If you just said yes the FIRST time, I wouldn't HAVE to nag.
Me: *head explodes*

It's as much about me and my reactions as it is about his new phase, but ARGH. One of his neighbour buddies has moved away, and the other was overseas for a month, so he's found being stuck at home almost as hard as I have.

He's not alone in pushing my buttons, though. My three-year-old twins are pretty good at it, too. I think it's the tone of demand that really irritates me.

Finn: "Do my buttons up."
Me: "I'm doing the dishes and my hands are all wet."
Me: *eyebrow raise*
Finn: "Do my buttons up now PLEASE."
Me: "OK, there you go."
Me: *head explodes*

In addition, we've had a series of disasters. We had a car-tastrophe that meant we had to be rescued from Sylvia Park at midnight on Christmas Eve, after my car started making very peculiar noises on the motorway, the day after having $800 spent on it. My (hand-me-down) computer stopped working (dead motherboard), and two days later hubby's (hand-me-down) computer followed suit. A friend cobbled in pieces from yet another hand-me-down computer and got us sorted, but an hour after he left, my much beloved and battered digital camera died. I'm feeling jinxed.

It could be worse, though. Yesterday, my shower was interrupted by the smoke alarm. 

My boy twin had decided to make himself some peanut butter toast. He has a fiercely independent streak, that boy. From the charred remains, I think he used the following method:

1) Apply peanut butter to bread

2) Insert bread in toaster and click it down

3) Turn toaster up to maximum

It could have been much, much worse. 

But enough of the holiday hating. We've had some terrific times, too. Let me share a few of the photos.


  Guess what Vieve got for Christmas?
 Finn's first water gun fight took place in the rain. Come to think of it, this might be when my camera took its fatal wound, though it took a while to die.  
  Vieve vs. strawberries. Who won? You be the judge.

 Important lesson: don't assume the felt pens your son got for Christmas are as washable as the ones you usually buy. It pays to check before you give your other son cat whiskers, a villain moustache, and eyebrows.

It would be a really, really good idea to check before you let them draw all over your face in return.



Definitely the most significant part of these holidays was a lovely visit with my grandmother. My kids adore her, and we don't get to see her nearly enough. Family is what it's all about.

Happy New Year to you all!

How were your holidays- a wonderful time with family, a series of disasters, or a bit of both? Are you wishing wistfully for school to start?

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