Twas the night before school-time

'Twas the night before school-time, when all through the house
Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse.
The school bag was hung by the front door with care
With stationery, lunch, and a sun hat in there.

The eldest is nestled all snug in his bed,
Though first-day anxieties dance in his head.
Will he be lucky and make lots of friends?
Did Mummy remember to buy the right pens?

There's so much unknown, and so much to fear -
Which room is he going to be in this year?
The teacher and classmates have quite an effect,
He's nervous and wants to know what to expect.

It's such a big change from our Christmassy fun
With beaches and water and hot summer sun.
The play time is over, and work time will start.
Our days will begin at the first sparrow's fart.

Mum has already begun to look tired
From trying to budget for all that's required:
The school books, and pencils, and three sticks of glue
And please don't forget your "donation" is due.

It turns out that children are just like the lawn:
They seem to get taller with each summer dawn.
The clothes that once fitted are rather too short,
There's shopping to do and new clothes to be bought.

His feet are much bigger from all of the swimming
So we had to buy shoes (else his toes needed trimming).
His hair had grown long so he looked rather shaggy.
I hope his new haircut won't make him look daggy.

We're almost all ready to go back to school
Except for one job: it's unusual and cruel.
It's vexing, and devilish, and really quite tricky -
Oh, why do books need to be covered in sticky?

Good luck to all the kids headed back to school!