An end to the terrible twos?

Hi guys. Yes, I do still exist. I'm sure most of you have just about forgotten me, I haven't blogged consistently since I got back from our Gold Coast holiday last year. There's a couple of reasons for this beyond my general slackness. One is that I started a new job straight away when I got back. Well, actually I started for a couple of days before we went, and my new company was kind enough to let me go on holiday right away. Naturally I've been keen to make a good fist of things. A new job doesn't change your parenting responsibilities and I've still needed to keep up with that side of things too, so something had to give, and unfortunately it's been the blogging. Now that I'm a bit settled in, I've resolved to make time for blogging again.

I don't know about you guys, but I felt invigorated by the start of this year. It might just be because I'm doing something new and challenging, or it might just be that I'm latently relieved that the Mayans were wrong. In our house we're building up to the munchkin's third birthday, in March. My wife has an incredible knack for stretching a budget when it comes to planning an event, and she's putting together a great little party for our daughter.

It's funny, I never really saw the third birthday as much of a milestone, but I think it will be. For one thing it marks the end of the so-called terrible twos. My daughter has developed an attitude over the past year, but I suppose it's really about her flexing her independence. There's been an awful lot of "I want to do it" or "I don't want to" being thrown about daily, which puts a spanner in your daily routine. There's also been some hilarity out of it, though. There's nothing worse for positioning yourself as an authority figure than trying to tell a toddler off and them cracking you up by saying something funny. Responding to her requests for a lolly with "maybe later" elicited the response "maybe now". I don't mind admitting that I laughed long and hard at this.

I'm also looking forward to seeing how my little girl develops over the course of this year. Toward the end of last year I was feeling as though a lot of the rapid development of the first 18 months had tapered off and it was going to be more incremental steps from there. What I didn't realise was how much of a kick I would get out of the little things. She loves to draw and paint, and she's able to draw the letter A. She can draw rudimentary people too - see exhibit A in the picture in this blog. She's getting better at memorising songs and nursery rhymes and makes up little songs of her own. She's socialising well at daycare and even has a best friend.

So all up I'm looking forward to 2013 and hoping for a year of positivity. I sure as heck know it's going to be a busy one!

Are you looking forward to the rest of the year? Any big milestones or goals for the year?

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