Imagination galore

01:36, Feb 14 2013

My three-year-old twins are at the age where imagination comes to the forefront.  I love it.  They're creative, empathic, and hilarious.

There are a few ways in which their imagination is apparent.  Sometimes it's a solution to a problem, like Finn's "The quiche is too hot. I'll have to just eat my fork."

Sometimes it's an imaginative description, like Vieve's "I bounced on the trampoline. I jumped like a star falling!"

Their busy little brains generate some crazy dreams, too.  Finn dreamed that a robot snatched a book off the big shelf, and took it away to read in its bed. His proof that his dream was true was that there was no robot in his bed.

It's the age of imaginary friends. Vieve recently told me off for cleaning the table. Apparently I committed the unforgivable sin of squirting her invisible dog Pinkypie with kitchen spray.

Naturally, I told Pinkypie off. Invisible or not, there will be no dogs on my table! 


Their imagination fills them with endless (and I mean endless) wonder.  Their favourite pastime on long drives is "what's inside...", as in "What's inside people? What's inside a cow? What's inside cats? What's inside flies? What's inside a car? A leaf? A house? A strawberry? Grass? A tree? Branches? Poop? Light? Windows?" I do my best to answer. 

Vieve asked "What's inside noses?" and they both burst out laughing and yelled "BOOGERS."

Sometimes their imagination appears as empathy, being able to imagine themselves in another person's shoes. One night I sang my traditional "Hush Little Baby", as I had on many nights before, and Vieve started crying. "And then the little baby have no toys, have no looking glass, have no diamond ring."

Despite never having seen snow, they will run around the backyard making imaginary snow angels, rolling up imaginary snow balls, and assembling imaginary snowmen, complete with imaginary carrots.

Perhaps the best example of their co-operative, imaginative games is this video I managed to capture. Finn ran inside to tell me about a naughty dragon that stole cookies.  There was a lot more to the story but unfortunately Finn's naked bouncing got a bit enthusiastic for polite viewing!

I absolutely love this age and all their ideas.  Long may it last!

Do your kids have imaginary friends? What's your favourite story they've told you?