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23:19, Sep 09 2010

It's not often I have an empty head; usually there are more thoughts racing around in that noggin of mine than there is really room for. However, every now and then when I sit down to write a blog entry I'll pop into my brain to see what's on offer and instead of finding a flurry of imaginings I'm greeted with tumbleweeds bouncing about on a gentle breeze. 

That's what happened when I paid a visit to Inside Mine Own Head last night, and in a moment of sheer panic I decided to let Twitter determine today's blog topic.

Doesn't sound promising, does it? Just roll with me on this - it's going somewhere weird but good.

So at 9pm last night I threw this tweet out there

One minute later I received this reply


Ah Eddie Johnston! You stitched me up bro! I was hoping for something to do with relationships, or baking, or vacuum cleaners - something I might know at least a little something about. Instead I got the kind of answer a 13-year-old might throw at me. Caterpillars. What the heck could I write about caterpillars?

I'm not one to back down from a challenge (who am I kidding, yes I am... again - just roll with me on this) but before I threw myself into the world's most uninformed blog entry about caterpillars I thought I'd try to find out a bit more about this Eddie Johnston character.

When I clicked on his Twitter page I quickly learned why Eddie Johnston had offered me the kind of blog topic idea a 13-year-old might come up with... because Eddie Johnston is a 13-year-old.

His Twitter bio reads:

Well NOW it all made sense and suddenly I wasn't annoyed at Eddie Johnston, I was condescendingly all awwww, that's cute - a little fella following me on Twitter! And he thinks cool music is cool. Bless.

Within seconds I was clicking through to the website listed on Eddie Johnston's profile and moments later I was listening to the music I found there (the same music that you may well listen to as you read the rest of this entry).

It was synthy and dreamy and rather cute and I immediately jumped to the conclusion that Eddie Johnston could not be responsible for this music. Why? Because I have grown adult musician friends who make music that is far more crap than what I was hearing on that webpage. There was no way a kid fresh into his teenage years could have written these songs. Surely?

Plus, one of the tracks is called You're Not in Guatemala Now, Doctor Ropata - and while that certainly sounds like the kind of song title a 13-year-old would come up with, as a connoisseur of Shortland Street I happen to know that line escaped Nurse Carrie Burton's lips a good five years before Eddie Johnston was even born. How could he possibly be aware of this early 90s pop culture reference?

I started thinking that either Eddie Johnston is simply a fan of this Ship Wreck band - thus the link to the music page - OR some bored musician dude is masquerading as a 13-year-old on Twitter.

I was determined to get to the bottom of this great mystery so I hit Facebook... and I found Eddie Johnston (dun dun duuuun)... and I found Ship Wreck (dun dun duuuun) and I swiftly realised they are one and the same and they are 13 (dun dun duuuuuuuuuuuuuun)!

By now you may have figured that I'm not actually going to write about caterpillars after all - it's not that I didn't intend to, it's just that this whole caterpillar thing ended up taking me on a little unexpected journey and that's part of what makes life interesting, isn't it? The little unexpected journeys, you just have to go with them sometimes.

Also, I figured Eddie Johnston's budding musical career could do with a little exposure - it's the least I could do after he was so forthcoming when I needed help with blog topic ideas last night.

So. Eddie Johnston - this one's for you, mate. I think your music is pretty darn listenable and I'm impressed that you've mastered some sweet skills at the tender age of 13. I like you buddy, you're all good by me.

And now, for warm fuzzy (caterpillar) Friday, I will hand the floor over to you guys so you have the opportunity to plug someone or something. It can be anything you like. It might be a business, or a charity, or perhaps you just want to give the double-thumbs-up to someone ace in your life.

PS: Caterpillars kinda weird me out. Part cute, part freaky, with their stumpy little legs and squishy bodies. Try not to stand on caterpillars, okay?

PPS: You can hear more of Eddie Johnston's music here

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