Who will win Aussie Masterchef?

Last updated 11:48 12/09/2012

It seems as though it's been going forever, but it looks as though next week it's all going to wrap up - Australian Masterchef.

I watch it religiously - I use the T-box (it took me an embarrassingly long time to figure out how) and record it each day, and watch it each night when I get home. I think it effortlessly shades its New Zealand rival - obviously a much bigger-budget production, but also an infinitely higher standard of cooking.

For the most part I find watching amateur cooks quite stressful, but the cooking has been so good and so confident here that it has been hugely enjoyable. They have had guests of the calibre of Jamie Oliver, Heston Blumenthal and Marco Pierre White. The judges are nice, and clever, and charming, and well-informed (pronunciation of "olive orl" and "preformance" notwithstanding). They all just had a lovely trip to Italy. Their masterclasses are interesting and informative and packed with handy tips. I really enjoy it, and reckon I have learnt a lot just by watching.

But now it's crunch time - time to see who is going to win. Now, I realise that anyone with an internet connection or who has been in Australia recently will already know - so please, no spoilers! And, with apologies to Chris Philpott, who does a marvellous job of describing what is On the Box here on Stuff, I thought I'd cast a discerning eye over the remaining contenders, to see who we think might just edge out the others. So - here goes...

1)            Mindy - such a hot favourite, she must be almost unbackable. She has won rather too many challenges, and has an immunity pin. She is a very good cook, but also has an irritating habit of calling everyone "darlin'" in a way that comes over as patronising. She's a bit smug. I am willing her to lose.

2)            Kylie - Kylie (such a great Australian name!) is a bit of a fave of mine. She has also been turning out some consistently excellent food, and seems to be getting better. She also has an immunity pin, she seems thoroughly nice, and I would like her to win, but I'm not sure she is quite ruthless enough.

3)            Audra - also turns out some superb dishes, I love her Asian fusion vibe, her resourcefulness and determination. Seems to get very emotional, and constantly seems to be on the brink of tears. Which is also sort of curiously appealing - at least she cares.

4)            Beau - fair dinkum Aussie bloke; he's a builder, who can cook. Seems to be coasting a little which means either a) he's not taking it all that seriously or b) he's holding quite a bit back. I'm suspecting the former.

5)            Andy - the ladies' fave: a bloke who can cook, and being a sparkie has to be useful if, say, the oven goes on the blink. Bit of a dark horse. Could be a contender.

6)            Julia - a bit of a dessert queen, but also a bit anal-retentive. Reasonably annoying. I have a feeling she's going to self-combust. She will make an imperfect cupcake, and become so distressed she can't continue. That's what I reckon.

7)            Alice - I started out finding her really annoying as well (especially the self-consciously "wacky" brightly coloured framed glasses), but she's really grown on me. Again, she seems really, really nice, and quite genuine. I will be sad to see her go, but, again, I don't see her winning.

8)            Ben - I am kind of surprised he's still there. Seemed to be only capable of making Mexican food, but he did step it up in last night's elimination challenge. Has an awful lot of tattoos for a schoolteacher - wouldn't they scare the kids?! Again - I don't think he will win.

So, that's what I think of the final eight. I think the most likely to win are Mindy and Audra, while I would most like to see Andy or Kylie take it out.

But - what do you think? Who do you want to win? Who do you think will win - and please, if you know, no spoilers! Are you enjoying the show? Would you like to enter?

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Muddy   #1   12:07 pm Sep 12 2012

I agree whole-heartedly with your assessment of EVERYONE! Although I would love Alice to win (she grew on me, too), I suspect Mindy is the ruthless one who will claw her way to the top. Also, I absolutely HATED Julia until the episode where she told us she threw in an opportunity to go to Russia to play music to open a cupcake stand. RESPECT!!

Carly   #2   01:03 pm Sep 12 2012

Alice! She grew on me as well. We spent the first few weeks deriding her absurd hipster eyewear and then I think sometime just before Italy I started cheering for her. Really odd. Timely, though, none of the other personalities really did a lot for me. The boys are amusing, but the girls all seem a little bland or over-precious to me.

bOb   #3   01:51 pm Sep 12 2012

Alice grew off me (lets say) by her constant need to overdo the 'I’m surprised!!!' bit every time she won anything or even when she just wasn’t eliminated.

SD   #4   01:58 pm Sep 12 2012

I kinda spoiled it for myself by checking out who won on the Masterchef website - was a little surprised at the outcome. Still love watching the show though; I find the judges far more likeable than the NZ ones.

CP   #5   02:51 pm Sep 12 2012

Anyone, so long as it's not Julia! Anal-retentive and plain rude. Remember her having a go at other contestants who were trying to help her? "If I want advice, I'll ask for it" - cow. She is also a very limited cook. If it's not desert she struggles big time.

The obvious winner at this stage would have to be Mindy, but going by past series, the obvious one never wins. I really have no idea. Think it could be anyone's (as long as it's not Julia. Or did I mention that before?)

Mazza   #6   03:02 pm Sep 12 2012

@SD #4 I too know who wins and it is a bit of a surprise. I agree that the judges are much more caring and nurturing than the NZ ones, and don't even get me started on the US Masterchef programme - truly awful. I'm looking forward to the final, and then there's Aussie Masterchef All Stars to look forward to next week as well!!

layna   #7   03:26 pm Sep 12 2012

I love it too! i watch it on channel 1plus1 every day!

i love Ben, but think you are right. Beau is kinda forgetable and i actively dislike Mindy and her smugness you can tell that she thinks she is going to win. Alice just annoys me. I hoping for an Audra, Kylie and Andy final.

Optimist   #8   07:24 pm Sep 12 2012

My vote goes to Audra, Kylie & Andy in the final too. Andy seems to have pulled his socks up a bit in the last couple of weeks. Other than that - can't pick between them.

Tess   #9   12:46 pm Sep 13 2012

Australian Masterchef is far more enjoyable than NZ's one. Way more cooking, which is also challenging and not just following recipes. Also I quite like the way it's friendly and everyone helps each other out and the judges make the show too!

Dr Who Cares   #10   11:49 am Sep 14 2012

Responding to the headline ... who cares?

Enough already of these inane cooking competitions. 1 is OK, but now it's UK, NZ, Aus, USA, Celebrity, Kids - what next? Masterchef Pets? Masterchef Sports? Masterchef at Sea? I've only caught part of this but the time spent waiting of the announcement of who's got through or not is just too, too excessive. The original UK Masterchef was bad enough - but at least there, they cooked, they served, the judges ate and announced the winner without any histrionics or manufactured tension.

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