The special VIDEO edition

23:47, Jun 20 2013

A short film in which our builders race time, darkness and rain to lift and place five massive steel beams.

Welcome to the frosty winter edition of this blog. I hope you haven't been snowed in, blacked out, frosted over, flooded under or frozen solid. This week instead of my usual waffle I present a special stay-inside-and-watch-TV video post for your viewing enjoyment. Tuesday was a big day on site with a crane arriving, and the guys busting a gut to get all the final big pieces of steel in place on the upper floor of our house build on Three Kings before the storms. I took some time off work to bring my video camera and record it. But first...

Thank you for your entries to the competition last week, and to all the other commentsters. We've got guesses for our move-in date now ranging from September to about March next year. In a few weeks' time I'll announce a final lot of extra prize(s) (I think I've got the good folk at Resene on board!) and give everyone a last chance to guess, then I'll close the competition and we'll let time reveal the winner(s). I love putting an "s" in brackets to indicate it could be singular or plural. Doesn't work so well if you are talking about revealing the sheep().

After my learned discussion of henges in last week's bloggish postule, one of the commentsters was good enough to point out that, unbeknownst to me, there actually is a henge in New Zealand.

If I understand it correctly, it was built by the ancient Maori as a sort of "map" to help people get the hell out of Wairarapa. Nowadays, as a waypoint on the road between Martinborough and Masterton, it helps people who've strayed off the "Pinot Noir Trail" to stay in the "not-very-stabby end" of Wairarapa.


My favourite line on the "about" section of the website reads, "The stones are neutral and welcome people of all cultures, beliefs, faiths and religions." This was a relief to me because there's nothing I hate more than bigoted, intolerant stones. The worst example is probably Win-stone Peters. (Classic!)


So now it's time to get out your popcorn, plug in the headphones, call everyone around and lock the rock and put your feet up for my sweet video edit. The place is Three Kings, Auckland. The time is Tuesday. Roll camera.

The music is New Zealand band Sola Rosa's song Way Up from their album Moves On.

Next week we'll see the progress on the house as Sam and Deek race to get the roof on in time to stop the "sun" drying out all the rain that has soaked every single bit of plywood and 4x2 this week. And it looks like we've got some progress on the ongoing drama of the misbehaving driveway. With luck Auckland Council (awesome father I beseech thee touch me softly on the taint) will by infallible fiat bless our plans to make it a safe and fully compliant driveway.

And finally, I'm very excited to announce a guest blogger! In two weeks' time Tamsin James will tell the amazing story of the house she is building in Guyana. Is it the fascinating tale of a Kiwi in a far-off land, racing us to finish an ambitious build under very different conditions? Yes. Is it also because I am too lazy to write a blog in two weeks' time? Yes. Win-win.


Thank you for reading, watching, listening and being. I do not apologise for the disappointing Winston Peters joke.


I remain your humble,

Purchase Man.


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And now I'm proud but slightly sad to present the very last pages of The House that Beebo Built. Goodbye Beebo. I love you.