Video: A million bucks buys you this

22:11, Mar 12 2014

This posteriation of my almost-finished blog is a video post. I have crafted a movie for your enjoyment. However I'm not optimistic that you will enjoy it since I failed at almost every basic step of video making. I've used a home camera, poorly operated using no steadycam, dolly or shoulder-rig, to shoot average pictures which I've then hastily cut together on some free software, adding inappropriate music and an ad-libbed and ill-advised voiceover which adds no pertinent information whatsoever.

The video sets out to be a tour of our new house - the final product that Gemma and I have been working towards for a couple of years. Everyone who comes around - and now you as well - is forced to take the tour. They at least get a beer at the end of it.

I'm not sure if 'the tour' is something that is done in other countries. In New Zealand we show anyone and everyone who visits every nook and cranny of the house. No New Zealander has ever been into another New Zealanders house for the first time without one of them saying either "give me the tour" or "do you want the tour?". They don't do this in the US as far as I know. I'm not sure about Europe, England, South America, Asia or Africa. Eskimos do it, but it's over pretty quickly.

So here then is my low-quality tour. A few caveats: the house isn't finished. There is a lot still in boxes, not much on the walls and no landscaping. Hit the lights. Press 'play'.

Feel free to ask any questions by emailing me or writing them in the comments below.


Please join me for my next blog post - my last one ever - in which I sum up the building experience, offer some advice and final thoughts, and show a final short video about the choice Fibaro home automation we've installed.


I remain your humble

Purchase Man