They say gardening is relaxing, but I disagree

23:04, Dec 11 2012

I think I have lost the ability to relax. On Sunday, Joe took the Trusty Assistant swimming, giving me a window of opportunity to garden. Trusty and I had had a really good day on Saturday, doing stuff he wanted to do, some of it in the garden. But I find I can never concentrate totally on one task when he's with me. He always runs out of steam and wants to watch telly or whines for me to do something with him other than gardening, so I only get things done piecemeal, and get a bit frustrated in the process. Nothing ever gets finished.

Note the tools etc left around from a combination of can't-be-botheredness and being called away by Trusty

As soon as the lads were gone, I thought of about 35 jobs I could be doing. What I should really have been doing is getting in some relaxation, some "me" time. But no, there were jobs a-calling. Weed the section under the tomato pots, or move the bags of leaves? Plant out the raspberry I bought in Hastings two weeks ago, or give all the fruiting plants a dose of seaweed tea?

Instead of doing something rather simple, like planting out the bergamot I also bought in Hastings two weeks ago, I went crazy and did a Big Task. I removed the netting from the strawberry row, mulched it with shreddings from mulch mountain, carefully replaced the netting so it was perfect. Then I continued to mulch the end of the row where the dianthus and lettuces that Awapuni nurseries sent me a while back have been hanging out. Only then, an hour and a half later, I planted the bergamot in a space among the dianthus. I stood back and admired my work, then felt utterly exhausted.

So I undertook another Big Task. This time it was feeding everything: garlic, tomatoes, potatoes, strawberries, silverbeet, berries, you name it, with seaweed tea. It took about half an hour and seven trips to the laundry to fill my watering can. Which reminds me, I need to collect more seaweed and make more tea. Still Joe and Trusty were out, so I turned the compost. That always wears me out, so I stopped for a ham sandwich. And then I weeded the driveway.


The front of the house - usually the tidiest bit, looks a total mess, complete with mulch mountain

The afternoon was no better. Due to my having the most awesome sister in the universe, Trusty went and played with his cousin for the afternoon, giving me even more time to do chores. I must have clocked up about 20km just walking from place to place around the section. I am often jealous of people with big sections and lots of space, but not on Sunday. I wore a new hole into my jandals. Then it was time to pick up Trusty, make dinner, and only by about 9pm did I realise my feet were filthy. You know you've had a good day in the garden when your feet are filthy.

What did you get up to the garden last weekend? Have you lost the ability to relax like I have?