Resolutions for a happy gardening new year

21:37, Jan 06 2013

Hands up if you've decided to lose weight this year, give up smoking, go on a detox, or turn over some sort of new leaf this new year. I'm not one for resolutions, not when it comes to my health at any rate, but I'm resolved to make 2013 the year my hard work in the garden really starts to pay off. Yep, I'm making resolutions to get my gardening s**t together.

First off, I'm getting serious about planning. I know, sounds boring, right? But I llooooveeee to plan my garden. Only I do lots of planning, then lose the piece of paper I've drawn my plan up on, impulsively buy seeds and seedlings and plants and the plan vapourises, faster than you can say fertiliser. I plonk seedlings and spray seeds in any old place, anywhere there's a gap. This suits me okay most of the time, but am I really giving my plants the best prep they deserve? Nuh-uh.

Second, I'm going to keep a better gardening diary than I ever have before. Really, I am. I'm going to keep not only a diary of what I did on what date, but track the success and failure of each individual crop. This necessitates a trip to the stationery shop to get a couple of nice notebooks, which I completely endorse. I'll be recording when I plant, sow, feed, and any other loving my plants may receive throughout the year. It's only January 7, and already this is in danger of not happening.

Third, I am going to take better care of my tools and my seeds. My potting shed is often a dishevelled mess; pots scattered across the table, bags of soil amendments not put away, plastic cloches on the floor. I leave my seed packets all over the house. I often break a cardinal gardening rule - I leave my tools out overnight. Not anymore though! I am super-tidy-up-after-myself gardener!

Last, I have made a resolution to not attempt to make any more beds for edible plants. More beds means more plants and more work, and if 2013 is going to be the year I get my gardening s**t together, I don't need to add more work to my already busy schedule. After all, I'll be attending to other jobs of the landscaping nature - a fenceline that needs cleaning up, the avenue needs shade-loving plants to go in it before weeds claim it back - and at some stage I am going to have to get serious about the bank of horrors. 

What are your gardening resolutions this year? 

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