Tomato tragedy?

21:10, Jan 10 2013

As this is the make or break season for growing tomatoes, I have been hovering over my eight yellow cherry, two gardeners delight and one sweet 100 babies like an overprotective mother. Each night when I come home from work, I check the tomatoes - to make sure they haven't been blown away, to check the soil's moisture levels, and to pinch out any laterals. 

Oh, and to keep up with whether there's any fruit yet. So far, lots of fruit, but it's all hard and green.

I also inspect the plants for any weird leaf craziness that might be going on to signal the start of disease. Last season's crop went haywire due to early blight, and the drizzly, slighty humid weather we've been having from time to time has me wringing my hands with worry they'll succumb to it again. Then there's been the scorching heat, which seems to have left little burn marks on the leaves.

The wind is also driving the plants a bit batty. It's drying them out. Some of them look as though they just want to be put out of their misery.

One of the problems is that they are in pots. And in pots, I can't stake them as well as if they are in the ground. So lesson for next year - avoid pots. 


Should the weather miraculously turn lovely and calm with even temperatures and all the things tomatoes love, I am expecting a bumper crop - these little yellow cherry tomatoes produce hundreds of flowers and I've been watching bumble bees bouncing from flower to flower with fat pollen baskets on their legs. Fingers crossed.

How are your tomatoes doing?

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