Tis the season for salads and smugness

20:24, Jan 08 2013

My homegrown Christmas went down a treat, thanks for asking. We had fresh new spuds that were scrubbed under the tap, parboiled and doused with hot olive oil before sunbathing in the oven. It was so hot here in Wellington I could have left them on the patio to cook. I made a fattoush with non-garden ingredients, and also what I've come to call Smug Salad; several varieties of lettuce, silverbeet, sugar snap peas, baby carrots, spring onions, oregano, chives, mint, chervil, fennel and calendula petals - all out of the garden. I would have added cherry tomatoes, radishes and chargrilled courgette to that list had Christmas come in February. I do feel a certain amount of smugness being able to rattle off that list, though the non-garden salad was by far more tasty. Darn it.

Last night I picked the peas almost clean to encourage more pods, though they have stopped flowering, and I suspect soon the plants will be closing up shop. I've left a few pods on the plants to dry and be next season's plants. The rest, I'm blanching and freezing. They were the star of last night's dinner - lamb on the barbie, with a salad of peas, mint, spring onions, feta and olive oil, and chargrilled courgettes, followed by a dessert of smug. If only I pressed my own olives, and raised my own goats and sheep, my smugness levels would be through the roof.

What's your own version of Smug Salad? What are you eating the most of from your garden?

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