A new member of the Wild Estate household

19:05, Jan 22 2013

At Christmas, we welcomed a new family member to our household, and already I can't imagine the place without him. His name is Purry, and he's 12 weeks old. 

He's "technically" not allowed out in the outdoors until he's seven months old, but he makes little outings with us into the garden. He really enjoys our patio, where he rolls around and sniffs all the herbs. All the flowering alliums are making him pretty happy.

He's also a fan of Shirley's garden, with its lovely shady patches under the rhododendron and the daphne bush. Before I cut down all the peas, he liked to pounce on the pods when it was breezy. 


Now he just has to make do with stray leaves.

I tried to get a shot of him engaging in some risky activity - chasing bees. I expect any day now he'll get one and be sporting a big fat ginger bee-stung paw. 

After his excursions outdoors, he likes to indulge in a another favourite cat hobby. 

Do you 'share' your garden with pets?

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