When corn is not so sweet

22:57, Jan 31 2013

It is important, I believe, to be completely honest about this gardening journey; to admit the failures as well as the successes. And we have had some complete and utter failures so far. Another notch on my potting shed table of failures must go to sweetcorn.

I could see it as a win, and tell you I've simply invented a new strain of sweetcorn, which I'm calling Dwarf Corn. My dad and the Trusty Assistant sowed this corn many months ago, and we planted it out in a new raised bed made from layers of compost, seaweed, horse poo, shredded prunings and other goodies. The wind uprooted it many times when it was just small, but it hung on in there, waving its little green arms in defiance. But it's stayed pretty tiny, and now that the female flowers (the silky ones) have dried off, turned brown and withered, it should be ready to harvest. But it's nowhere near as high as an elephant's eye, as the saying goes.

Here's a picture of said corn - pretty puny huh? (Please try to ignore the house-being-painted detritus in the background ... and the large bucket of weeds.)

Can anyone tell me how best (better) to grow my corn next time? I've interplanted a few dwarf beans in there for good measure, and there's also a runaway tomato plant which I talked about on Wednesday. So this patch hasn't been a total waste of time. Has it?

Good thing sweetcorn's so cheap at the shops right now, huh?

How's your corn going? Any tips to make next year's crop a bit less embarrassingly small?

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