Water, water everywhere - long may it last

22:00, Mar 18 2013

Who would have thunk that Wellingtonians would be excited about rain, that we would celebrate the end of summer and start of autumn by saving water? 

As I type this, the first rain in six weeks is falling on the roof and into my quite huckery rainwater collection system, which also looks as though a whole lot of paddling pools and buckets and wheelbarrows and pots and watering cans have gone to a party together, or are holding some sort of meeting.

Our spouting needs an overhaul because the stormwater pipe underneath the ground is blocked, so it was nothing for Joe to hack into the downpipe and position this rubbish bin under it to catch the water. Then he did what he does best - drilled a hole in it - and put a piece of old hose in to syphon the water into another receptacle, in this case, one of two paddling pools that I don't think have ever been used for actual paddling before. They've held piles of weeds, shreddings straight out of the wood shredder, compost and all sorts of other garden material, but never just plain old water. 

Then when the pools were filled, I bucketed out water into whatever vessels I could get my hands on. Everything was filled in about an hour. It's continued raining for another 24 hours, so I know the garden, unlike the reservoirs that keep our cities in drinking water, is getting as much as it needs. I imagine that the tomatoes will come down with blossom end rot, a disease caused by inconsistent watering that presents itself as dark blotches on the blossom end of the fruit, we'll just have to wait and see. In the meantime, I'm happy I don't have to ration water for my plants. 

To celebrate, here's a picture of a tomato that's sprouted a horn. 

Have you been collecting rainwater? Is your garden getting a good soaking from this rain, or is it still parched with drought?

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