An evening stroll around Wild Estate

22:09, Mar 24 2013

Daylight saving time is ending very soon, two weeks' time in fact. This means time spent wandering around the garden in the evening light after work is about to end too. I feel that winter brings with it a kind of disconnect from my garden: I'm not in touch with it the way I am during the spring and summer months. I'll miss it.

These are often my most contemplative times in the garden; checking the health of my plants, squishing bugs and plucking out the new weeds. And the evening light is so lovely to be in, so delicious and golden.

Friday night's potter around the garden revealed some new things for me, as I haven't been paying as much attention to it as I should have lately. 

I found the "Aspiring" raspberries are finally fruiting. I ate them immediately.

There's a dahlia growing in the Evil Pit Of Weeds


These tomatoes are perfect, and 10 seconds after I took this photo, I ate them.

There are lots of calendula seed heads just waiting for me to gather them.

Purry continues to be braver in the outdoors. He tromps around with me whenever I'm inspecting the plants. Here he's keeping watch from the neighbour's cherry tree. 

It was a splendid evening.

What's happening in your garden at the moment? 

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