Just another day at the seaside

20:46, Jun 30 2013

The recent storm that brought down seawalls and caused power outages around the region also delivered some bounty for my garden. If ever there was a silver lining to such an event, washing up copious amounts of seaweed for me to collect has to be it.

Seaweed is one element in my garden I couldn't do without. I make liquid fertiliser out of it by rotting it down in buckets, siphoning off the water after about six weeks, and watering it over my plants so they can take in the nutrients through their leaves. I use it as a mulch. I put it in the compost bin, and have used it as a layer in no-dig beds. If you're curious about the properties of seaweed, here's all the science bits from the Royal Horticultural Society.

My rule for gathering seaweed is to make sure it's fresh, for me that means getting out to Petone after a southerly storm. I make sure that it's way up off the beach, and therefore I'm not disturbing a creature's habitat. In this case, I picked seaweed up from the footpath and car parking area next to the beach where it had been heaved by the sea.

This should keep me in fertiliser for some time to come.

Do you use seaweed in your garden? What do you use it for?

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