Santa prefers iPhones

APPY CHRISTMAS: Apple appear to have dominated Christmas.

Get an iPhone for Christmas? You're definitely not alone.

Dad gives girl an actual Frozen doll video

Girl gets Frozen doll

She wants a Disney princess for Christmas. He saw an opportunity to pull off the greatest dad joke of all time.

Best Xmas gift ever? video

Joe Riquelme's simple envelope contained a big gift for his parents.

Son makes all his parents' Christmases come at once, by paying off their mortgage.

Christmas miracle for bitten dog

Tater the terrier recovers from a brown snake bite.

Tater was almost paralysed after a deadly snake attack, but amazingly he was tucking into festive ham just hours later.

Unfamiliar Christmas for expats

FIRST KIWI CHRISTMAS: Canadians Kellen Gilstorm, right, and Graydon Culver, left, swapped snow for guacamole.

For many used to taking advantage of snow, sun and no turkey was an odd way to spend the big day.

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