China uni bans Christmas

NOT WELCOME: Santa and all his Christmas shenanigans have been banned from China's Modern College of Northwest University.

A university in northwestern China has banned Christmas, calling it a "kitsch" foreign celebration.

How militaries tracked Santa video

Santa dashes back to his sleigh outside the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem, West Bank at the spot many pilgrims believe Jesus was born.

Still questioning whether Santa Claus really exists? What better proof do you need than this?

Pressies stolen from under tree

Gold, silver, blue and copper was the colour scheme for the dramatic Christmas tree in the family room; behind it garland twined with fairy lights decorates the stairs to the master bedroom

Festive cheer is alive and well in Ngaruawahia where people have rallied to help a family burgled of their Christmas presents from under the tree.

How to make strawberry Santas

Strawberry Santas are a cute edition to Christmas.

Strawberries are delicious right now, and Santa is definitely in season. Combine the two for a cute Santa.

Last Christmas with mum

Lisa Stewart is spending her last Christmas with her boys, Riley and Charlie, left.

Lisa Stewart and Josh Baker are desperately gathering memories for their sons, as they prepare to celebrate what is set to be their last Christmas together.

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