Auckland's Santa deemed world's creepiest

03:18, Dec 22 2011
Whitcoulls Santa Claus
PRE-OP: The Whitcoulls building Santa Claus in 2008 before it was given a makeover.

A festive Auckland icon has been deemed the world's creepiest according to an American website.

The Whitcoulls Santa has topped Cracked's list of the most "unintentionally creepy Christmas ornaments".

Labelled "Giant Disfigured Santa", the website describes the fibreglass figure as "66 frightening feet tall" - although accompanying photos only show the city's festive icon before his recent makeover.

NOT SO CREEPY: The Queen St Santa after reconstruction work.
NOT SO CREEPY: The Queen St Santa after reconstruction work.

In 2009 Santa underwent $100,000 worth of reconstructive work to remove his beckoning finger and droopy, winking eye.

The website reports his finger used to move at a rate of 27 beckons a minute.

"Unsurprisingly, residents of Auckland were uncomfortable with being beckoned to by something that looks like it wants your attention so it can ask if you're comfortable with being followed home," the website explains.

"They literally performed plastic surgery to make this thing look human again."

The Queen St Christmas institution beat out a faceless bauble with bird talons and a motorised Santa with glowing red eyes.

The Whitcoulls Santa has been a feature of the Auckland CBD since 1960.


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