Pack of T-Rexes terrorise 'Santa' video

Ralph the Rex wreaked havoc this Christmas.

Just when you think it's safe to put out your inflatable Christmas decorations, a group of dinosaurs strikes.

Impromptu gig in the sky video

Sophie Morris, pictured here with Air New Zealand crew, said she had a wonderful time flying and singing on Christmas Day.

Kiwi soprano Sophie Morris treated Air NZ passengers to special in-flight entertainment on Christmas Day.

When to undecorate the house?

23122014. 123rf.
Stock Photo - Christmas and New Year Decorations

abstract, ball, bauble, baubles, blink, blinking, ...

Some people, like my late mother, start disassembling the tree while the family is still opening presents around it.

Kanye's 150 presents for Kim video

The ever-understated Kanye West with Kim Kardashian West.

The rapper showers his wife with Christmas gifts including a $57,000 multi-coloured fur coat.

When will Santa get to NZ?

Santa is on his way to New Zealand tonight!

Santa's left the North Pole! The jolly fellow is heading for New Zealand - follow where he is live.

More Christmas Headlines

The regifting hall of shame

Something that tickles your fancy? Golden Girls' panties.

One person's reject is another person's coveted Golden Girls' panties... Christmas gifts just got more interesting.

Ho ho no: office parties lacking

There wasn't any publicly-funded booze on the menu this year for public servants.

Some public servants are getting a raw deal on their Christmas party, having to pay for it or go without.

Christmas egg produces kiwi

It was a Kiwi Christmas for this chick who arrived at Rainbow Springs on Christmas Day.

The birth of Rainbow Springs' 1500th kiwi chick has been labelled "extra special".

How celebrities celebrated Christmas gallery

David Beckham, who revels in embarrassing son Brooklyn on social media, got his comeuppance.

Brooklyn Beckham gets his own back on his dad, Taylor Swift really commits to her elf costume, and Jennifer Aniston hits the slopes.

Travellers trade snow for sun this Christmas

Teemu Paananen of Finland and Norbert Biricz of Austria enjoyed sun instead of snow this Christmas.

At Christmas time in New Zealand, something as simple as wearing shorts and a t-shirt can be taken for granted.

Free Xmas brunch for families

Bernard Marama volunteered to clear tables at a family Christmas brunch for those in need at Te Rauparaha Arena.

A Porirua venue opened its doors to needy families this Christmas.

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