Sending joy with massive NZ Secret Santa

The massive Secret Santa is generating some warm fuzzies on Twitter.

The massive Secret Santa is generating some warm fuzzies on Twitter.

New Zealand's largest, and possibly most joyous, Secret Santa is now underway, for its seventh year running. 

Almost 2000 Twitter users have signed up for the nationwide NZ Secret Santa, which sees gifts exchanged between strangers all in the name of Christmas cheer.

It was started by Sam Elton-Walters in 2010 and its popularity quickly grew from 200 participants in the first year to 800 in its third.

Ready, set, Christmas 
Don't wear this to your work do
When should the tree go up?



On the brink of out growing Elton-Walters capability he handed the torch over to New Zealand Post and its team of elves in 2013, who now facilitate the gift exchange. 

Registration for this years Secret Santa has now closed, Santas have been randomly matched and a little social media stalking has commenced to find out what gift their recipient might like.

The Tweets emerging from the game will give you the warm fuzzies.

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Some people are even tweeting hints to make it easier for their Santa to send a gift suited to them. 


The pressure is now on the Santa's to get shopping as presents must be sent to the Santa Storehouse by December 4, to allow time for New Zealand Post to forward them on.  

Secret Santas in past years have put a lot of thought and effort into the gift they give. 








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