Meet police puppy Legend video

Police dog pups Kazza, left, and Legend, right, playing together.

Newly named police puppy Ledge, short for Legend, will fill the void left by Kazza, who died this month.

Cafes serve 'doggy degustation' video

Dogs dine for free this month at the Takapuna and Kohimarama Beach Cafes.

'It's a little bit of fun, I mean, at the end of the day, you've got to throw the dog a bone.'

Toddler's Rocky moves get Sly's attention video

Charlie Magilvay is a huge fan of Rocky II.

His moves are so Rocky Balboa-like even Sylvester Stallone is taking notice.

Dog owner's answer to subway rules

This is how a dog owner got around the "not pets" rule.

Pets aren't allowed on public transport unless they're in a container... so this man packed his husky into a tote bag.

Biscuits and bow ties

Dogs Archie and Finn inspired Blenheim woman Olivia Burns to create bespoke neck wear and gourmet dog treats.

A doggy duo have become fashion models and official taste testers for their owner's business.

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Furry Friday: Cats at rest

Cassey reclines with effortless style.

When it comes to chilling out, no-one does it better than cats.

A little dog's great life

Basil was a wee dog who had a wonderful life despite facing more than his share of challenges.

Furry Friday: Perfect portraits

Furry Friday: Time to smile

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