Chimp undergoes ear op video

Ear, nose and throat surgeon Rebecca Garland performs surgery on Cara the chimpanzee at Wellington Zoo.

Wellington Zoo's Cara the chimp is recovering after an ear operation to save her hearing.

Spring lamb happy in nappies video

Carol Martin with her premature Wiltshire lamb Little Mister Sunshine born last Wednesday.

Little Mister Sunshine didn't get off to the best start in life, but the tiny lamb has fallen into the lap of luxury.

Hang on, that's not a dog... video

''Sponge'' is short for Spongebob Swinepants. She's also a sponge with food.

"If she didn't have the dogs as little buddies she'd be pretty lonely."

D.Dog for president

Bailey the dog shows he's got what it takes to be President of the United State, with owner Jacob Rubin, 14.

Running for president of the free world is so easy, even a dog can do it.

Surprise! It's quadruplets video

Janet Gray with a rare set of quad lambs born to a southdown ewe at the farm near Rongotea.

Southdown lambs aren't usually born in sets of four, but a Manawatu ewe has given birth to her own flock

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When pets are 'naughty'

Oscar is a freedom fighter. He liberated the spaghetti from its bonds. Now Oscar's work is done, and yours begins.

8:38 AM  Stuffed toys, paper towel, spaghetti - they're all fair game for curious cats and dogs.

Furry Friday: Cats and dogs

One of the great complexities of the world is the relationship between cats and dogs.

Furry Friday: Impossible cuteness

Pets in the living room

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