Pet dogs turn out to be... bears

That's one giant dog. Owner mistakes his new Asian black bears (also called Moon bears) for puppies.

11:09 AM  The owner didn't blink an eyelid at his unusual 'puppies', until they grew up.

Meet NZ's dog detectives gallery

Detective Lynx is a golden labrador that features in the card series.

Our very own canine heroes are now the stars of their own collectible cards.

How to pat your cat

We're no scientists but that is NOT how you pet you cat.

Cats are touchy things at the best of times. But now science has worked out how best to stroke them.

Why are cities so anti-dog?

Rebecca Roberts with her dog Darcy in her dog-friendly shop The General Store.

Dog owners get hot under the collar about endless restrictions on their poochy pals.

Dog's best friend

"'He helps Glenn find his way to his bed by sort of pushing him towards the front of the kennel and guiding him in."

Blind jack russell and his own guide dog are looking for a new family after being tragically abandoned.

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four legs good

Furry Friday: Impossible cuteness

Four legs good blog Gusto

Today any semblance of theme has been thrown away for animals that are reaching impossible levels of cuteness.

Pets in the living room

Our furry friends invite us into the living space they share with their human companions.

When a neighbour feeds your cat

Furry Friday: Outdoor lovers

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