OK to treat pets like humans? video

Is this wonderful, weird or just plain wrong?

Do you cook for your 'fur babies' and let them sleep in your bed?

Lamb saved by mouth-to-nose video

Carol Martin shares her home - and her bed - with with Pooky the Wiltshire lamb.

Coming back from the dead isn't something many can claim, but Pooky the pet lamb did it twice in half an hour.

Baked bean ducklings doing well

One of the ducklings rescued using a baked bean can in Taupo on Thursday.

Eight ducklings are now in safe hands after falling into a cesspit in Taupo.

Trapped ducklings saved in a can

One of the ducklings recovers after its rescue.

Firefighters couldn't save a brood of ducklings. But a local had an idea - what about a can on a string?

Homeless pups go high fashion

Adriana Lima's iconic Vogue cover has been remastered, with a dog.

Some of history's most iconic magazine covers have been recreated with canine cover stars in need of homes.

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Mysteries of a dog's yawn


Sometimes, when your dog yawns, it's just because it's tired. But other times, it's rather more telling.

When pets are 'naughty'

Stuffed toys, paper towel, spaghetti - they're all fair game for curious cats and dogs.

Furry Friday: Cats and dogs

Furry Friday: Impossible cuteness

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