Give this rescue dog a bone

Gemma, a LandSAR dog with her handler Graeme Hill.

She's helped rescue dozens of others from life-threatening situations, and now it's Gemma who needs some saving. 

'Unusual' behaviour for a male cat video

Henry snuggles with the abandoned kittens.

This boy cat is doing something pretty unusual - and it might save the life of six kittens.

Lizards, skinks and turtles make classroom fun

Sally Hibbard shows Pinehurst pupils a tortoise

A TIME AND A PLACE: Pinehurst School, Albany, Auckland, Monday, 1.30pm

Find Fido fast video

Pedigree Found app

The new Pedigree Found app promises to find lost dogs in a flash.

Kittens loving their herbal highs video

Moose sucks a stolen herbal teabag as owner Heather Talbott looks on. Both her kittens seem to be hooked on the 'herbal highs'.

Two Timaru kittens are finding herbal teabags so irresistible they are breaking into the pantry and helping themselves.

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four legs good

Furry Friday: Impossible cuteness

Four legs good blog Gusto

Today any semblance of theme has been thrown away for animals that are reaching impossible levels of cuteness.

Pets in the living room

Our furry friends invite us into the living space they share with their human companions.

When a neighbour feeds your cat

Furry Friday: Outdoor lovers

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