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07:00, Aug 13 2014
KICKING BY THE POOL: All this luxury is hard work, don't you know?

She might only be two years old, but Australian toddler Pixie Rose Curtis has already risen above the Kardashian family in the celebrity stakes to be declared the "Princess of Instagram."

Pixie, who is the daughter of Sydney-based celebrity publicist Roxy Jacenko, has more than 30,000 Instagram followers.

Despite her tender age, fans don't get inundated with pictures from the toddler's favourite park or play centre; instead, the stylish pictures include ones taken while flying first class to Europe, relaxing by the pool in Milan, seeing the sights in Rome, boarding a private helicopter and dining at Sydney's trendiest eateries.

The impressive portfolio has caught the attention of US site Buzzfeed and and the Britain's Mirror UK, and has led to little girl, who turns three later this month, being labelled the "Princess of Instagram".

"The 2-year-old really is the Princess of Instagram. Sorry, Kylie and Kendall (younger sisters of Kim Kardashian)," wrote Buzzfeed earlier this month.

No doubt the title would please Pixie's mum, who earlier in the year fought to have the account reinstated after Instagram decided it violated the photo-sharing app's age limit rules.

Jacenko, 33, wrote to the company's headquarters and explained she was the one making the posts, not her daughter.

According to Jacenko, who is the owner of Sweaty Betty PR agency, Pixie's Instagram account is not just for fun.

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In fact, income from the account is helping to ensure her daughter's future is financially secure, with brands paying A$200 for their products to appear on the Instagram feed.

Jacenko also uses the account to promote Pixie's personal range of hairbows and sunglasses.

Believe it or not, Pixie is not the youngest person in her family to boast an impressive number of Instagram followers: the toddler's three-month-old brother Hunter has 3000 followers on his account, although he is yet to post a picture.

"When the time is right I will start doing some posts of his journey with his sister ... to share the images with friends and family," Jacenko told the Daily Mail.

Despite appearances, not all is picture perfect in the family's world.

The children's businessman father, Oliver Curtis, entered a plea of not guilty earlier this year to charges he traded illegally to make a A$1 million profit. He is currently on bail and faces possible jail time if convicted.

But it seems that won't stop Pixie living it up - and Jacenko sharing the resulting photos with the world.


HIGH FLYER: Pixie with her mum, ready to take a spin in the sky.

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