Newborn kiwi caught on camera

00:39, Apr 01 2010
NEWBORN: A screenshot of the kiwi chick born at the National Zoo in Washington DC.

Move over Jemaine and Keisha - a new kiwi star is lighting up screens in the US.

A brown kiwi that hatched at the National Zoo in Washington DC on Tuesday is yet to make its first public appearance, but can be spotted on its webcam.

The chick hatched from an egg laid on January 19. Zoo staff and geneticists will use DNA samples to determine its sex over the next few weeks.

The National Zoo is one of only three in the US that has kiwis.

This chick is the fourth kiwi to successfully hatch at the zoo. The first, in 1975, was the first kiwi to be born outside New Zealand.


The Dominion Post