Woman puts her cat in a crop top to post scathing Amazon review

"Do not buy this, even for your cat."

"Do not buy this, even for your cat."

Well, she's nailed that "eugh, kill me now" expression that all the best models have.

But this cat is not posing on the front cover of Vogue (as much as we'd love that) - instead the incredibly good-tempered kitty was roped into wearing a crop top for a damning online review by her owner.

The offending item in question was this crocheted monstrosity, otherwise known as the "lady padded bra tops bustier cutout best crop top bralette tank blouse" (hm, catchy), which the reviewer's 16-year-old daughter bought from Amazon.

"It is ridiculously small and I probably couldn't legally post a picture of what it looks like if she attempts to wear it," Christy wrote, in a review that 1197 Amazon shoppers have found "helpful".


The very helpful review posted on Amazon. Photo: Amazon

"But so you can see . . . here is a picture of our cat wearing it. To be fair, it does cover all of the cat's nipples, however she hates the weave.

"In summary, do not buy this, even for your cat."

In all fairness, we don't know how much material you can expect for the bargain price of $3.38 (NZ$4.73).

However we do take offence to the garment's one-size-only policy - no woman we know has "one size fits all" knockers.774652_630x354

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The sales page for the garment in question. Photo: Amazon

'Christy' was not the only shopper disappointed by the $3 cobweb of shame - others reviewers also posted their scathing opinions of the item, along with some NSFW images that prove Christy's "visible nipples" point.

"This is a baby sized top. Literally my flip flop is bigger then it. Do not buy unless you want to be naked," said Carla.

"I normally wear a size small in almost all my tops and this shirt in a size small would fit my chihuahua," wrote Arieta, but unfortunately she forgot to attach a photo of the aforementioned dog in the crop top.

"The size came too small but still attractive for husband," said "Claydo", who we are assuming may be the husband.

So anyone over a 32A, perhaps steer clear of this number, and spare your household pet the indignity of their crop-top-clad image going viral.

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