Dog detective cards available from airports gallery

Shadow from Auckland likes tennis balls and rolled-up tea towels.

Bruce from Wellington likes to go for walks on his day off.

Roc from Auckland's favourite toy is a rubber bone or ball.

Jade from Christchurch loves to search and competed at National Police NZ Dog Trials.

Fiddy from Christchurch has a passion for tennis balls.

Sammi from Christchurch likes to chew on her squeaky Kong toy.

Jake from Wellington likes to swim in his local river.

Kelcie from Wellington enjoys swimming in the summer. Herself and her handler are the only all-girl team.

Chase from Auckland, is one of the senior dogs that likes to be around passengers.

Bella from Auckland was a rescue dog and has lots of energy.

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Dog detectives like golden labrador "Lynx" will star in a series of new collectible cards available in New Zealand airports.

The Aviation Security Service (Avsec) launched the cards to help the public, especially children, understand what work the explosive detector dogs do to protect people at airports and while they're flying. 

Each card provides a biography of a furry detective. 

Detective Lynx is a golden labrador that features in the card series.

Detective Lynx is a golden labrador that features in the card series.

For example, Detective Kelcie, a German Shepherd from Wellington, likes to swim - and like the other dogs, she can smell a juicy bone from over a kilometre away, because of her strong nose.

Avsec explosive detector dogs national manager Monique Masoe said the four-legged workers enjoy a great life and do important work.

"We want travellers to know that they are in safe hands - and paws - when they travel within or from New Zealand," she said.

Flyers will be seeing a lot more of the fluffy workers at screening points and boarding gates, due to a change in operations by Avsec.

The cards will be handed out by dog handlers and security staff at airports where the dogs work.

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