For stray Kitty Cat, 'home is where the biscuits are kept'

Kitty Cat polishes off a meal with his best mate and, inset, protects his turf from a dog.

Kitty Cat polishes off a meal with his best mate and, inset, protects his turf from a dog.

For a bad-luck omen, Kitty Cat has sure landed on its feet.

Found abandoned as a kitten around 14 months ago, Kitty Cat has become quite the celebrity in his home turf of Orewa in Auckland.

By day, he strolls Moana Ave, visiting the shops on the block, hissing at dogs and winning over pedestrians with its furry charm.

By night, he climbs the pohutukawa tree he was first found in, finds a comfortable bough, and sleeps.

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Kitty Cat was little more than a "small bundle of black fluff", when discovered, Beach Hut manager Suzanne Hoskin says.

Wild at first, Kitty Cat was quickly enticed by his biggest weakness – biscuits – and is now rather tame.

As the saying goes, "home is where the biscuits are kept".

Kitty Cat spends much of his day sleeping on top of a basket in Beach Hut with his favourite soft toy – a much chewed hedgehog.

"He's become a bit of a local identity, coming in and out of our shops," Hoskin says.

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"He's got quite a reputation for being a character."

Despite his well-groomed appearance, Kitty Cat was raised on the mean streets of Orewa, and has been known to dabble in petty crime.

Thieving soft toys from local shops and verbally assaulting dogs are just some of his offences.

"He thinks this is his patch of road," Hoskin says.

Although he is a regular at most of the shops on Moana Ave, Kitty Cat never makes any purchases.

He is, however, very popular with customers, who love to pet him.

Neutered, wormed and flead, Kitty Cat is doing well for an abandoned cat, but it's days on the streets of Orewa might be numbered.

A permanent home in Millwater may be the next chapter in Kitty Cat's tale.

But Hoskin suspects it may just walk on home to its spot in the pohutukawa tree.

 - Rodney Times


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