Harry Potter style living for Poncho the chihuahua

Poncho the chihuahua on his tiny little bed.

Poncho the chihuahua on his tiny little bed.

A cupboard beneath the stairs is no place for a boy wizard to spend his childhood, but one such cosy cupboard has proved just the ticket for a pampered chihuahua. 

Poncho, a four-year-old chihuahua, from Rochelle, Georgia, is rather better cared for than Harry Potter ever was by the dastardly Dursleys, but their boudoirs bear some resemblances. 

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Poncho's owner Betty McCall has created a purpose-fitted room beneath the stairs in her house, Unlike Harry's, however, Poncho's sleeping quarters comes complete with a tiny brass-framed bed, chest of drawers, lamp, miniature grand piano, and artwork on the walls.  

McCall's nephew Will Rigdon discovered the room upon a recent visit, and posted the photos on Imgur

McCall told BuzzFeed she intended to use the room as a dog crate. But when she found an American Girl bed at a thrift store, and "a lightbulb went off".

"I thought it would be funny to use it as a dog bed."

"This worked much better and is more comfortable for Poncho."

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