A bear on a jetski

03:09, Aug 08 2013
The bears and the jet ski
'Yep, just checking this jetty's still secure.'
The bears and the jet ski
'Ready to ride the waves - nothing like the feeling of the wind from the open ocean in your hair.'
The bears and the jet ski
'Check out my core control, just hopping up on the ski from the water like that. Pilates is really paying off.'
The bears and the jet ski
'Oh, wait one second, mum's brought snacks...'
The bears and the jet ski
'What a great day for a ride.'
The bears and the jet ski
'Wow, this salmon's amazing - maybe I'll take the ol' jetski out for a spin tomorrow instead.'

A bear looking poised to ride a jetski is apparently an "only in Alaska moment".

Photos of an Alaska brown bear hopping on board a Sea Doo were taken near Nanek lake on the Alaska Peninsula, reported the Alaska Dispatch. 

Graham Morrison, of Morrison Guide Service, saw the bear in the ready-to-ride pose while it tried to get its mother's attention.

The young bear wanted her to share a fish she had caught. It was unsuccessful in convincing her.

It climbed onto the watercraft to get closer to her, growled, and then fell into the water, Morrison said.

Morrison told Alaska Dispatch the jetski was unharmed during the bear encounter.