Come at life the way she does

01:41, Jan 31 2014

Trotting down the streets with our sight set firmly on our smartphones; rushing from the office to the supermarket to the kitchen to the couch - modern life can disconnect us from the simple pleasures of life.

This beautiful video taken by Nicole Byon of 15-month-old Kayden revelling in the beauty of a downpour reminds us of how wondrous the world can be if we look at it through the right lens. 

Now here's the challenge: before the day ends, find something tiny in the natural world and just marvel in it. 

Look up at the sky and see how the clouds slowly shift together; watch a bird at your window or, if you're lucky enough to find yourself in a summer shower, do as Kayden did and stop freaking out about your hair or your jacket and just enjoy.