Dog & kitten: Pictures to melt your heart

A few months back in Japan, tabby kitten Ichimi was adopted by golden retriever Ponzu and Instagram user Jessiepon because the wee thing's mother had abandoned her ...

Ponzu took to her maternal role, giving Ichimi heaps of cuddles ... And baths ... And lots more cuddles ... They've celebrated holidays together ... And often just chilled ... The bond between Ponzu and Ichimi is made all the more special because the new friend arrived just when the retriever was in the midst of mourning. Ponzu's former best friend, Wasabi-Chan, also a wee kitty, passed away suddenly last August after suffering from seizures. She was also rescued after being attacked by a crow. She'd definitely be stoked to know Ponzu's got a new siesta buddy.

Rest in peace Wasabi Chan: