Pet of the day: Graham the rest home cat

Catting is very serious business.

Catting is very serious business.

This is Graham our cat - she showed up as a kitten six years ago at the New Vista Rest Home and never left.

We adopted her and she is a much-loved member of the home. She has numerous rooms and beds to spend time in and on.

The residents and staff enjoy her company and she always enjoys a warm bed at night curled up with that week's favoured resident.

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When activities are on it's not unusual to find her centre-stage, playing with wool or ribbon waggled along by a resident.

Coco takes the lead
In memory of my loving Ninja
Doug the travelling cat
Zeus - Father of gods, lover of women

She still enjoys tagging along with our cleaner as she does her job, following a toy on a string just as she did when a kitten.

Beds, wheelchairs - Graham is spoilt for choice for places to nap.

Beds, wheelchairs - Graham is spoilt for choice for places to nap.

She has been seen jumping into visitors' and staff cars - and into the back of the occasional ambulance as well! Her favourite activity is finding a sunny spot and sleeping.

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