Is this the cutest ad ever?

Last updated 11:42 17/07/2013

One cat decides he should just be more dog.

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In what may be the greatest ad of the year so far, British telco company O2 is urging people to be less like this and more like this. 

In the 'Be More Dog' ad, which uses extreme cuteness to try and encourage customers to be more adventurous with new technology, a ginger feline describes his old life of cat naps and the like, in which he was "coldly indifferent" and "aloof".

Then, boom, one of the greatest songs of all time pumps up, and the mog decides to be more dog:

"Running, amazing! Chasing cars, amazing! Sticks, amazing," he exclaims of his new canine attitude. 

"Carpe diem - it means grab the frisbee." Indeed. 

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