Sad news: Cute baby dolphin dies

02:13, Aug 09 2013
Dolphin birth
TEAM SWIM: New bottlenose dolphin mother, Allie, swims with her female calf.

We're very sad here at Stuff. Shortly after we posted this gorgeous video of a baby dolphin's entry into the world, Brookfield Zoo in Illinois announced the newborn's death.

The calf, which had not yet been named, was born about 11am Friday last week (local time) to Allie, a 26-year-old bottle nose dolphin, and died about 11.45am this Thursday (3.45am Friday NZT), zoo spokeswoman Sondra Katzen said.

It had struggled to nurse, and weakened and declined rapidly overnight on Wednesday (local time). Vets even tried CPR.

Dolphin birth
CHEEKY CALF: The female calf born on August 2 has some fun spraying water in her new home.

Doctor Michael Adkesson Vice President of Clinical Medicine at Brookfield Zoo, said the first 30 days of a dolphin calf's life were a critical and often difficult phase.

"As we were watching, we started seeing this weakness developing in the calf that would be associated with it just not being able to take in the nourishment or nurse the way that we would like to be seeing and that is probably been building for the immediate period leading up to the calf becoming weak," said Adkesson.

A necropsy will be performed to find the cause of her death.

The public had not been given the chance to view the calf before her death.

According to understanding a baby dolphin's tail flukes and dorsal fin are soft at birth, allowing an easier exit from the mother's body, and will stiffen about 2 weeks later.