Video: Bunny Armageddon

Last updated 09:41 19/02/2014

A woman named Yu Yu Lam Lam gets chased around a park in Japan by hundreds of rabbits.

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It's full-on bunny-geddon every day in Okunoshima in Japan. 

The tiny island located in the Inland Sea off the coast of Takehara is home to thousands of wild rabbits that have become so tame they'll even hop up onto your lap.

The above video taken on the island by Facebook user Yu Yu Lam has recently gone viral. Why? Well, did you watch it? So much cuteness.

In less cute news, Okunoshima has an eerie history - it once served as a secret military zone that pumped out toxic chemicals during World War II; and rumour has it that the ancestors of the island's current bunny residents were brought over as test subjects for poison. Humans suck, bunnies rule. 

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