Aw shucks Kiwi kids are cute

21:38, Mar 12 2014

A new unscripted video from local charity One Percent Collective and award-winning director Mark Albiston (the writer and director of Shopping) asks a bunch of New Zealand kids what they think the future will be like. (Well, kids with giant adult-sized human hands). 

One lad's clearly got his priorities straight: "Instead of cars we'd have rollercoasters ... and we'd jump off to our friend's house." 

While another wee lass wants to help everyone, including those with sniffly noses: "I would cure umm ... heart attacks. I would cure sickness. The last thing I would cure is hayfever." 

"There were times during the shoot, when the whole crew were almost in tears of laughter over some lines from the kids," explains the founder and director of One Percent Collective Pat Shepherd. 

"The other crazy thing was that you sort of got used to the adults arms on the kids, to the extent that Mark went to high five one of the kids after we got the shot, forgetting that it was the arms of the adult hiding behind, who had no idea Mark was going in for the high five: hilarious."

But, mega-cuteness aside, the film highlights how we do all need to start thinking more seriously about what kind of world we are going to leave behind for our kids. 

One Percent Collective aims to both cultivate and simplify regular giving in New Zealand. The idea is that we all give one per cent of our income and they then pass all of that on to small local charities like Kaibosh, Project Jonah and Sustainable Coastlines. Why? Well so that the small local charities in question can spend less time fundraising and making cute videos like these and more time actually doing the stuff New Zealand needs them to do.