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Adorable baby elephant plays with birds video

It's not great at chasing away the birds but this baby elephant is definitely having fun.

This baby elephant playing with birds is all you need to make your day better.

Ridley the turtle recovering video

Ridley the endangered sea turtle is eating and gaining strength at Wellington Zoo.

Ridley the injured turtle has recovered enough to move to Auckland next week.

Run little boars, run!

A female boar and her piglets cross a street during the night in Gdynia, Poland early July 25, 2015.

Apropos of nothing, this photo of a boar and her piglets came through our photo feed. We had to root around for context.

Marjorie's 100 years of memories

Marjorie Darnell celebrated her 100th birthday on July 22.

Marjorie Darnell says she didn't do anything special to get to 100; it was just something that happened.

Good clearout for sick turtle

Critically injured Ridley, the olive ridley sea turtle, was eating shrimp and swimming on Wednesday.

It's all systems go, albeit slowly, for critically injured Ridley the turtle.

A dog's life for active Pinot

Ruth Highet with her dog Pinot, a chocolate springador, who loves paddle-boarding.

A walk around the block just won't do for Pinot. She prefers standup paddleboarding.

Hotel reunites traveller and stuffed dog

Annelies Vredeveldt thought she had lost her beloved Boris forever, but this Canadian hotel pulled out all the stops to reunite them.

Annelies Vredeveldt thought she had lost Boris forever, but this Canadian hotel pulled out all the stops to reunite them.

New police recruit rugs up

A German Shepherd pup is preparing to join the southern police family.

The Invercargill police could be getting an adorable new recruit.

The cutest foal in the world? video

Mischievous MicroDave up to his usual antics.

He may be pint-sized, however tiny blue-eyed MicroDave has a personality that's anything but.

Lucky escape for school pet video

Tawa School teacher Robyn Warden and the school's guinea pig "Nibbles", who survived May's floods by swimming.

Nobody knew Nibbles could dog-paddle. She is, after all, a guinea pig.

Weird and wonderful showjumping bunnies video

Colin, a Flemish giant X rex rabbit, with his friend Jordie Nicholls, 9.

Whenever Basil gets loose in the garden, he goes looking for things to jump over. 

Trackers reveal cats' night-time habits

The cats can roam up to 3.5km in a night but tend to stay in if it's cold, Berkley Normal Middle School student Evahn Martinsen says. She's pictured with her cat Luca.

Even cats sometimes make late night trips to Burger King.

Cool kids rooms

Little Bedside Toadstool, $39, Flat Out Frankie,

If you’re sprucing up the space a child occupies, Deanna Bayley has found just the thing.

Cats are impersonating Donald Trump gallery

This elegant feline is just a bold neck-tie and a racist slur away from getting his own version of The Apprentice.

We never thought a matted clump of animal hair could bring us this much joy ... but it has.

Abandoned cat may lose leg video

An abandoned cat is awaiting surgery to have her broken leg fixed after being hit by a car.

She's been abandoned with her five kittens, had her leg broken and now this poor young cat may lose her leg altogether.

Happy ending for cemetery cat

Rocker Ryan Adams has turned an abandoned cat into an internet sensation.

It took cat food and KFC, but the kitten which caught the attention of rockstar Ryan Adams has been captured.

Thames back on the beat video

Constable Mike Wakefield of Wairarapa Police with famous police dog Thames at Makoura Ealy Childhood Centre in Masterton. Pictured with Lachie Coulson.

Thames the police dog is back on the beat after surviving a week in the wild in May.

Dying wish partially granted

Buba, one of terminally-ill cat rescuer Antoinette van Berkel's seven cats, has a new home following her appeal for new owners.

A terminally ill cat rescuer has already seen the "loveable rogue" of her collection find a new home.

Baby bear hitches a ride on a raft

Noli Bear is enjoying her new home after she was rescued from the side of a river.

It was even more of a wild ride than usual for a rafting guide who had a bear as his passenger.

Inside a top NZ cat show gallery

No fur flew when dozens of cats came together at the New Zealand Cat Fancy National Show.

No fur flew when dozens of cats came together at the New Zealand Cat Fancy National Show.

True love awaits bachelor Gomez

pygmy marmoset Gomez will soon have a mate called Iti to cuddle up to.

A young male monkey needed help in finding The One - it took a search across the Tasman to find his partner.

Pere's Hilton: a hotel for cats and dogs video

Nicola Pere, who is planning to open the country's first luxury pet hotel, says people are increasingly making sacrifices for the well-being of their pets.

Those who take advantage of luxurious hotel services while they're on holiday will soon be able to give their pets the same royal treatment.

'Miracle' whale calf spotted in Cook Strait video

A humpback whale calf was spotted in Cook Strait by DOC researchers

A whale calf spotted during an annual DOC survey is only the second seen in NZ waters since 2010.

Overseas friend helps find dog

A Nelson woman was shocked to learn that her dog was missing from a friend living in the UK.

Newborn humpback in Cook Strait

A humpback whale calf was spotted in Cook Strait by DOC researchers

A newborn whale calf has been seen during a Cook Strait whale survey.

Pet dogs turn out to be... bears

That's one giant dog. Owner mistakes his new Asian black bears (also called Moon bears) for puppies.

The owner didn't blink an eyelid at his unusual 'puppies', until they grew up.

New bachelor pad for otter brothers video

Wellington Zoo's five young otters are settling in well to their new home.

Cleared from quarantine, the zoo's five "otterly adorable" brothers are ready for the school holidays.

Meet NZ's dog detectives gallery

Detective Lynx is a golden labrador that features in the card series.

Our very own canine heroes are now the stars of their own collectible cards.

How to pat your cat

We're no scientists but that is NOT how you pet you cat.

Cats are touchy things at the best of times. But now science has worked out how best to stroke them.

Why are cities so anti-dog?

Rebecca Roberts with her dog Darcy in her dog-friendly shop The General Store.

Dog owners get hot under the collar about endless restrictions on their poochy pals.

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