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A dog's best friend

Geoff Bowers has devoted his life to dogs.

When former British special forces sergeant Geoff Bowers joined the police, he was given two choices: guns or dogs.

Kid sizzles sausages for kiwi

Lepperton School student Monte Woodward, 8, points himself in the direction of saving native birds.

"I want to make sure my kids grow up with kiwis."

And they call it puppy love video

An enthusiastic puppy helping a tiny kitten out of a sticky situation has melted heart around the world.

Another cute kitten and this time a puppy too, in a heart-melting tale of intrepid adventure and enthusiastic rescue.

Baby capybara need names video

Think you've got a name for one of these cuties? Hit up Auckland Zoo.

Auckland Zoo wants your help to name two of its latest additions.

A calming fix

Kathleen Crisley, founder of The Balanced Dog, gives Dias the dog a massage.

Having a pet in your life can open new doors and opportunities. Avenues went searching for some fun furry activities.

Short back and sides

Pipi the dog puts the grooming service at Animates Linwood to the test.

Pipi the dog puts the grooming service at Animates Linwood to the test.

How do I know if my dog has mange?

Mange in dogs caused by mites which are microscopic parasites which burrow into or live on the skin and cause irritation.

Vet Bruce Chard answers readers' questions about their pets

Adorable cherry cat will steal your heart

Cherry cat has been delighting the internet with its soft paws.

Things cats love: Mice, balls of yarn... and cherries?

Green thumb and golden heart

Nicole McKnight sorts garlic grown in the Koha Kai vege garden

Gardening is Nicole McKnight way of paying it forward.

'I like helping people'

Koha Kai cooking and suppling a hot lunch at St Joseph's school, on Wednesday. Pictured, from left, Janice Lee, team ...

Invercargill man Jeff Moyles is always willing to muck in – even if it just doing the dishes. 

Not all volunteers have to be saints

Travis Hubber encourages all young people to volunteer.

Why all young people should volunteer.

Green thumb and golden heart

Nicole McKnight sorts garlic grown in the Koha Kai vege garden

 Gardening is Nicole McKnight's way of paying it forward.

The cutest working pets in NZ gallery video

Have you met the cat called called Bill Murray or Chester the political terrier? Meet the pets who go to work.

Pool pawty for pooches video

Dogs of all shapes and size enjoy a good splash around at a pool in Virginia, US.

Dogs make a splash and rule the pool at massive summer party.

Puppies and mum reunited video

It's been a long day for this puppy, who looks ready for a nap.

Watch this heartfelt reunion between a mother dog and her eight babies.

There's a wasp in my campervan

Firemen work to free Money the cat that got stuck down a chimney at a house on the Terrace in Wellington for twenty ...

Kitten wedged in a wall, dog in a roof? Fire Service reveals its daftest callouts.

Twelve 1000-1 shots in a row video

Twelve yolks from six eggs - Wellington woman Nikki Corbishley said the full dozen were double yolkers.

The chances of finding one double yolker is about 1000-1. This is eggsponentially rare.

Choosing to help

Stay home mum Ramari Paul, 31 volunteers with South Alive in the arts team.

She went from changing nappies to running an art gallery.

Is it too late to socialise my dog?

A reader asks if 16-weeks is to late to socialise their cocker-spaniel puppy.

Vet Bruce Chard answers readers' questions about their pets

Gazza lives on through Kazza video

Joseph Aloisio-Faleni, 6, gets a kiss from the new police puppy, Kazza.

The memory of the police dog slain in the Porirua siege will live on through his nephew.

Cat survives Fieldays fire

Brad Christian and Belinda Williams were pleased their cat survived, even if nothing else did.

The couple have just the clothes they were wearing and their ginger kitty.

Gardening class sows friendship

Christine Fitz Patrick, Lorraine Kelsen and Dot Oakes plant seeds of friendship after meeting in horticulture class at ...

A meat inspector, a journalist, and a banker walk into the yard - it sounds like a joke, but it's how these friends met.

Polite granny's cute Google search

May Ashworth included the words "please" and "thank you" during a search to translate Roman numerals.

The internet has fallen in love with a British granny who minds her manners when asking Google a question.

A pig that does tricks - no porkies

Charlotte was a popular pet at Fieldays.

10-year-old teaches pig tricks to impress Fieldays punters.

Kitten's 500km bumper ride

The kitten may have travelled up to 500km in the car bumper.

LONDON, June 14 PA - A tiny kitten has survived a 500km ride inside the bumper of a car driven by a British Royal Navy helicopter pilot.

New centre draws in creatives

Frame shop owner Rob Malin was looking at the big picture when he decided to open a New Plymouth artists' hub.

Wouldn't you like to learn how to draw?

These cats want you to smell better gallery video

Miu Miu

Meet the stylish felines putting the purr into perfume.

The awkward dog at the pool party

"Non-swimming" dog in the midst of a wild pooch pool party speaks to the experiences of chilled party goers the world-over.

When the pool party is bumping but you're just not that kind of dog.

Baby All Black attempts the haka video

Aussie-born Oscar heard the haka and decided to give it a whirl.

He may have been born an Aussie but little Oscar looks every bit the future All Black.

Zoo welcomes new arrivals video

Two baby Capybaras walk with their mum around their home in Auckland Zoo's rainforest enclosure.

Cute alert! New tiny fur babies check out their home at Auckland Zoo.

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