Furry Friday: The election edition

Furry Friday


Behold, the Four Legs Good election edition, totally non-serious and non-partisan except that it's strongly pro-pet.

Are your pets bessie mates?

goat cat

There's nothing cuter than an animal friendship, and it's even better when they're from different worlds.

Giving an animal in need new life


This rescue pet owner's life was changed through her love of dogs who needed help.

Cat's back after years as if nothing happened


Jodie Clarke's cat Sam disappeared for four years, but came back and slotted in like he'd never been away.

The best yearbook photo ever


One young lad has fulfilled his dream of taking his high school photo with his cat. And laser beams.

The 'apparently' kid now has a TV commercial

Apparently kid

Well, that didn't take long! The boy who adorably hijacked a local TV news report is set to star in his first ad campaign.

Furry Friday: We own this joint

Furry Friday


Your cat, if you have one, enjoys priority rights to your property and everything in it. And doesn't it know it?

Missing cat's comeback after years away

Sarah Piper assumed the worst when her cat went missing for over two years, but she got him back.

Amazing kid doesn't care about meeting Obama


OK, mum and dad, you met the president. Can we get ice cream now? Ugh.

A pet to fill a gap



There are many reasons why bereaved owners adopt again, but 'replacing' isn't one of them.

A bull mastiff love story

He snores like a steam train and his dribbling is unbelievable, but we wouldn't have him any other way.

The cat that got the . . . lily pads?

Timaru cat thieves

It was a whodunit tale of two families, a cat and some water-lily pads that kept going missing.

Love measured in neck rolls

Ash weighs in at 25.2kgs, but thinks he is still the size of an 8-week-old puppy.

33 pets with a spring in their step

Furry Friday


More daylight for walks, more sun to lie in and less of that hideous rain - spring is a great time to be a furry beast.

Love at first sight for puppy playmate

Riley kept me company when I was laid up so afterwards we got him a playmate and it was love at first sight.

Good guard dogs come in small packages

Yard Guard Dog

Rodger has the attitude of a German shepherd in the body of a chihuahua/papillon cross, but we all love him.

Spoodle sweetheart to be our ringbearer

Our spoodle is the most energetic puppy I've had so who else to chose as ring bearer at my wedding?

A barking mad delight

Maxumus Aurelius

Maximus Aurelius began life in Spain. Now he slays hearts in New Zealand.

Furry Friday: 30 dangerously cute pets

Furry Friday


Behold, 30 occasions of adorability so overwhelming they may constitute a traffic hazard.

My dog helps me beat my depression

Laura Winders got her dog Penny as a walking companion but she ended up with a bigger role to play.

Monkey magic and an elephant's kiss

Monkey magic, a squirrel in the toilet and an elephant's kiss are among Chris White's animal tales.

Furry Friday: 39 pets appreciating landscaping


Fences, steps, planks and posts - our pets enjoy these outdoor features with far more frequency than we do.

Watch an adorable baby panda's first year


After a year of bamboo, growth and lazy days spent in trees, giant panda cub Bao Bao is about to turn one.

Are you paws down a cat or dog person?

kitten puppy

Are you a friend of the feline or is there no question that dogs really are man's best mate?

Four legs good: Farewell to Merrick


Merrick didn't struggle. He was looking away from us at the moment the vet took away his purring, and his pain.

Furry Friday: 34 cute cats stare us down


Cats' eyes are remarkable, staring back at you as they do, with affection and without shame.

Do dogs get jealous?


Study suggests dogs get jealous when their humans interact with their 'rivals'.

Bowing down to our animal overlords

Kathryn Walters

"Meaningful" relationships with pets become more common, but when is animal love too much?

Politicians and their pets

Cunliffe and dog

We know them as political animals - now it's time for party leaders to show off their furry friends.

35 adorable garden pets

Furry Friday


Check your flowerbed and scrutinise your shrubbery. For something unusual may be sprouting there: a garden pet.

I don't just love cats, I'm a sucker for cats

For feline fanatic Lizzie Shaw, cats are kinder and friendlier than their canine counterparts.

Video: Crying soothed by Katy Perry


This little lady is going to whinge and cry unless you let her get her groove on to some pure pop beats.

Give me cats over dogs any day


Braving all weathers to walk a dog is just one of the reasons Sharon Hayward's definitely a cat person.

This fitness boot camp's a breed apart


Pups are more humanised than ever: they dress up, hang at cafes and now they even work out at doggy gyms.

Loving pup buys time for 'evil cat'

Cat and dog

Dog fan Paul Clarke says his pet pooch's love for a mutinous moggy has made him a cat person too.

Furry Friday: A cat in your sink

Four legs good


If we didn't have our own human purposes for it, the sink could well be seen as an invention for cats.

Cats rule the roost over rescue dog

Bear the rescue dog, Lexie and Woody.

It's paws versus claws in Sue Morrison's house with a rescue dog and four felines.

Rescue pup helps 'only dog' thrive

Kara and Bear

A five-month-old rescue dog turns an irritated 'only child' Labrador into a doting mother figure.

Is the bar too high for dog lovers?

Four legs good


Dogs have certain needs you can't ignore, but does that mean ownership should be seen as an exclusive club?

Cat fan converted to puppy love

Natalie Thomas was a cat fan with no interest in dogs, but unexpected delivery changed her mind.

Goat stuck in a baaad situation


When one goat finds himself stuck in a hole, another tries to help him... but the rescue doesn't quite go to plan.

Puppy love or crazy cat lady?


The risks and rewards of overattaching to your pet.

Koala's 'remarkable' journey


Koala survives an hour clinging to the grille of a speeding car, suffering only a torn nail.

Friendship of fur and food

Few things bring pets together like a common love for food. Russell and Lisa join forces at family dinner time.

My incredible ponies help me learn

Molly Prenter's grown up around horses but says it's Chicken and Spock who've taught her the most.

Cat and dog's love/hate combo

Ruby and Mickey

Ruby and Mickey fight like the cat and dog they are during the day, before snuggling up at night.

Turbo the chihuahua's new set of wheels


Turbo the teensy, two-legged chihuahua has a new set of wheels thanks to some creative engineering.

Revealed: The dogs Kiwis love most

lab strap

Labradors are Kiws' most popular breed of dogs - but if you own a dog in a rural area, it'll probably be a huntaway, new stats reveal.

29 cute pets and their cuddle buddies

Furry Friday


29 pets surrounded by, or surrounding, their favourite things - or at least their favourite thing for now.

The real stars of the opening ceremony


Amidst the fire works and synchronised-dancing, the cutest pups on the block strutted their stuff.
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