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'Hedgehog Officer': cutest job title?

Alexandra North, 25, the former researcher is the UK's first Hedgehog Officer.

The UK's 'hedgehog hotspot' has now employed its first Hedgehog Officer.

Mandarin thief a kaka

Jury said she loved watching the kaka eat, especially when he clutched the mandarins in his talons.

Abbie Jury has seen the elusive kaka - native parrot - in her garden for the last month or so. 

Takahe taking off on Rotoroa video

Takahe Kuini on an intravenous drip at Auckland Zoo

A feisty young takahē has made a miraculous recovery from a near-fatal infection is starting a new life on Rotoroa Island with her mate.

Getting Cruz cruising once again video

Prior to his injury,  New Plymouth dog Cruz could skateboard, surf and perform tricks.

Cruz the dog used to skate and surf. But a road accident has left the Taranaki pooch housebound and awaiting expensive surgery.

Scooters for hope across Alps

Jim Lilley and his dog Biggles, raising money and awareness for cancer patients the hard way.

One man and his dog are joining a 250km scooter rally for cancer across the Southern Alps.

Fluffy cat down to eight lives

Pixie suffered extensive injuries in the fire and was cared for by staff at the Springlands Veterinary Centre.

Russian Blue cats have a dense double coat, which may have shielded her from the heat of the fire.

Mailman's special delivery for dog

Pippa is a dog who loves post.

A Brisbane postie has befriended a dog on his beat by ensuring he always has a letter for her.

Rabbit cafe's teething problems video

A rabbit looks at a customer at the first rabbit cafe in Hong Kong.

In a city where people don't have space for pets, Rabbitland has opened... but for how long?

Orcas stun at Auckland beach video

Orcas were spotted just metres from the shore at Kohimarama Beach on Sunday.

Pod of "curious" orcas spotted just metres from shore, delighting swimmers.

Olympian sells medal to help patient

Olek is suffering from retinoblastoma.

A Polish athlete has sold his silver medal to help fund cancer treatment for a 3-year-old boy.

The return of Steve the seal

Steve the seal takes five on Wellington's waterfront, a fortnight after he was spotted under a parked car.

He's a seal, he's cute, and he's back to play.

Teachers face identity challenge video

Kowhai Kindergarten has four sets of twins, pictured from left are Bradley and Damien Tumanako, 4, James and Caleb ...

Another set of twins has started at Kowhai Kindergarten, bringing its twin tally to four.

Shocked seamstress changes mind

Lee Mancer has made New Plymouth her home and will keep her business open.

"It was the initial shock of it all that you just lose it for a moment."

Furry Friday: Focused pets

Taco's fully engaged with the cat toy. Just see if it dares wiggle again...

Pets don't always pay attention. But when they do, it's full-on and fierce.

Blind Bellsie fetches runner up office dog video

Sarah Benge and her dog Bellsie, runnerup in the New Zealand Top Office Dog Competition

Blind office dog Bellsie has taken out runnerup spot in New Zealand's Top Office Dog competition.

Cops come through for Te Kahu video

Te Kahu Hall. 6, isn't letting his new ball out of his grasp, let alone get stolen.

When 6-year-old's red ball was stolen he went to the cops. He's chuffed with the outcome.

Piggy really wants to go to market

Te Anau resident Ray Willett and his kunekune pig, Penelope.

Penelope has gotten too big to pick up so owner Ray Willett has thought of a novel way to take her to town.

Should I neuter my cat?

A neutered cat is healthier, more contented and likely to live for up to 16 years or more.

Veterinarian Dr Bruce Chard responds to reader questions about common pet problems.

My first 8 years with Phoebe

Alert to every sight and smell: Phoebe on a riverbank walk.

My dog's face has changed in the eight years I've had her - but she's the same Phoebe.

Married to a mammal

Tony Ratcliffe, who owned Whirling Bros Circus and is known as the Elephant Man, is in New Plymouth to talk to the local ...

Tony Ratcliffe's relationship with Jumbo the African elephant lasted longer than any of his previous three marriages.

Cat adopts baby monkey video

Cross-species friendship is always good, but this is on another level.

This might make you cry, depending on how much you love cross-species friendships.

Fairy clever crafter

Tashi Sprite makes fairy wares, including scarves, belts, cloaks and light shades.

 "I'll see a dress or something in my dream world, when I'm sleeping, then when I wake I get on the sewing machine and create it."

Paws for clear thoughts

Kapiti College Year 12 students Samantha Swift and Nadia Moore with Honey the dog in the school's room offering canine ...

Dogs in college classroom calm student nerves before their exams.

Dog gets third term as mayor

His worship the mayor Duke of Cormorant, Minnesota.

He can't speak and doesn't wear clothes, but that hasn't stopped him being voted in for a third term. 

Pygmy hippo mum dies

Petre and her youngest calf, Obi, who was much celebrated after becoming the first pygmy hippo to be born at Melbourne ...

The first baby pygmy hippo to be born at Melbourne Zoo in 33 years has lost his mother.

Boy asks police to find his lost red ball

The poster that a young Whanganui boy made and gave to Police to try and find his lost red ball.

A Whanganui boy made a poster to help police in their search for his ball.

Cupcakes and cuddles at cat cafe event

Southern Cross bar owner Liz Clarke with SPCA cat Ariel.

Cuddling cats while eating croquettes and cupcakes has been a dream-come-true for these cat lovers.

Downsides to dog breed trends

Those looking to buy the trendiest breed of dog should do their due diligence first, expert says.

Dachshunds, pugs, shnoodles - they're adorable but beware of the dark side of dog breed trends.

Instagram's cutest pet stars

The most follow-able 'people' on Instagram?

These 10 animals - each with their own adoring following - are Instagram's hottest stars.

Lamb on the lam

Palmerston North woman Julie Beckett was worried a lamb would be hit by traffic when she found it wandering down Ruahine St.

A lamb legging it down a suburban street was the last thing a Palmerston North driver expected to see.

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