Is the bar too high for dog lovers?

Four legs good


Dogs have certain needs you can't ignore, but does that mean ownership should be seen as an exclusive club?

Cat fan converted to puppy love

Natalie Thomas was a cat fan with no interest in dogs, but unexpected delivery changed her mind.

Goat stuck in a baaad situation


When one goat finds himself stuck in a hole, another tries to help him... but the rescue doesn't quite go to plan.

This is it. The ultimate debate: cats or dogs?

kitten puppy

Are you a friend of the feline or is there no question that dogs really are man's best mate?

Puppy love or crazy cat lady?


The risks and rewards of overattaching to your pet.

Koala's 'remarkable' journey


Koala survives an hour clinging to the grille of a speeding car, suffering only a torn nail.

Friendship of fur and food

Few things bring pets together like a common love for food. Russell and Lisa join forces at family dinner time.

My incredible ponies help me learn

Molly Prenter's grown up around horses but says it's Chicken and Spock who've taught her the most.

Cat and dog's love/hate combo

Ruby and Mickey

Ruby and Mickey fight like the cat and dog they are during the day, before snuggling up at night.

Turbo the chihuahua's new set of wheels


Turbo the teensy, two-legged chihuahua has a new set of wheels thanks to some creative engineering.

Revealed: The dogs Kiwis love most

lab strap

Labradors are Kiws' most popular breed of dogs - but if you own a dog in a rural area, it'll probably be a huntaway, new stats reveal.

29 cute pets and their cuddle buddies

Furry Friday


29 pets surrounded by, or surrounding, their favourite things - or at least their favourite thing for now.

The real stars of the opening ceremony


Amidst the fire works and synchronised-dancing, the cutest pups on the block strutted their stuff.

Three-legged cats' canine bestie is missing

Jazzi has been a guardian angel to Cara Thomas' three-legged cat, and they want her back.

Teddy the perfect Palomino pony

Teddy and Lily

Teddy the Palomino taught me so much in the five years that I rode him, but I'm too big for him now.

Are your pets bessie mates?

goat cat

There's nothing cuter than an animal friendship, and it's even better when they're from different worlds.

Piggy in the middle of town

Muck the pig

Meet Muck the kune kune, he sits on command, and has learned how to open the fridge (we like his priorities).

Prince George: A year of firsts

prince george

The world's favourite chubby-cheeked prince is turning one: we review the top 10 moments in the first year of his life.

Prince George celebrated with a cheeky hashtag

prince george

Official hashtag for Prince George's first birthday is overshadowed with a new slogan.

Prince George gets ready to party

Prince george

Prince George is being feted with much fanfare ahead of his first birthday with what royal watchers want most: more pics of his chubby cheeks.

Video: Wheelchair dogs play fetch


In this heartwarming video a group of wheelchair-bound pups play fetch. Prepare to weep with joy.

Farewell to a big-hearted, faithful friend

Walking a dog

My Scottish terrier has left a hole in my life that a herd of elephants could not fill, writes Andrew Nodwell.

Dog rescued from tree by cherry picker

Archie the dog

It took the scent of a possum to get Archie 30-metres up a tree. It took a cherry picker to get the dog down.

28 cute animals just lounging


To a pet the world is a boundless playground, but most of all, it's a collection of places in which to relax.

The glam life of a surfing pig


He's got all the ladies, all the goodies and is living his dream.

Cat and dog in purr-fect partnership

Best Buddies

Pets that play together stay together, so it's no surprise Scooby and Milo are so attached.

27 men with their pets


In today's pet photo lineup, the furry creature's guy friends also star.

Furry Friday: Ladies a pet

Furry Friday


Every week you see numerous photos of our favourite furry creatures. Today, meet some of their female owners.

Whale scream: Animal lover freaks out

humback whale

Julie Rossman likes whales. No, she reaaallllly likes whales. She's a fool in love with whales.

Which feline will get the Golden Kitty Award?

cat strap

It's the Internet's favourite time of year, as online voting kicks off for the best cat video.

Furry Friday: Why we love cats

Furry Friday


A set of less mainstream reasons why we adore the most elegant of domestic creatures: the feline.

Dog-baby crawling school


One lovely pup decides to teach his tiny human sister how to get around on the ground: our hearts melt.

Furry Friday: A ray of light

Four legs good


The shortest, darkest day may be almost upon us, but in the brief rays of wintery sunshine you'll find pets.

Elephants snore, like lullabies


This video of an elephant getting snoozy while being sung to is your happiness trigger for the day.

Prince George takes first steps

Prince George

A month shy of his first birthday, Prince George toddles off, pursued by his mother.

Just like a puppy, only 56kgs

Busta Singh

Busta's abundance of torque means he now gets walked with an industrial strength chain.

Furry Friday: Heart melters

Four legs good


These adorabled four-legged creatures will take your life-hardened heart and melt it a little. You're welcome.

Would you adopt a disabled pet?

Four legs good


Knowing a disabled pet's future isn't going to be standard, would you adopt it?

Furry Friday: Blanket coverage

Four legs good


If your pet could write you a thankyou note, the humble blanket would undoubtedly get a glowing mention.

Is there any harm in baby shaming?

baby shaming

Is baby shaming just a new way of sharing the everyday frustrations of parenting? Or is it something we should be concerned about?

Furry Friday: Hearth and soul

Furry Friday


It's hard to think of anywhere safer and more homey than the place where heat comes from - pets certainly agree.

Goat and donkey reunion will brighten your day


This wee goat's reaction to the return of his donkey friend will melt your heart.

Thieving cat has eye for babies' clothing

Kleptomaniac cat has eye for baby clothing

Rascal the thieving cat

Helen Cooper wants to find the owners of the baby's facecloth, pair of socks, scarf and knitted cardigan Rascal brought home.

Long summer means more kittens


A huge influx of unwanted kittens is prompting vets to take action by cutting the cost of desexing cats.

Furry Friday: A day in the life

furry friday


You may think pets live simple lives, but every minute of the day, there's a job to do.

Two new cheetahs for Wellington Zoo

Your chance to meet Cango and Shomari


Two more cheetahs are heading to Wellington Zoo, direct from the wilds of Christchurch.

Bruce and Cookie are best buddies

Bruce and cookie

A fall from a truck and befriending a hunter are the escapades that brought two pigs together.

Frostie the snow goat takes his first steps


This video is without a doubt the most heart-warming thing you will see today.

Someone actually studied why we love cat videos


Yes, someone has actually studied why we love cat videos. How? By watching a ton of them.

Elephant's oil painting goes to auction


A painting by Kashin the elephant, who died five years ago, is expected to bring up to $3000 at auction.
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