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Round-the-clock care for baby rhino

A baby rhino has been welcomed into the world at the Werribee Open Range Zoo.

Rare calf getting round-the-clock care at Melbourne's Werribee Zoo.

Tigers take first steps video

Twin set: Zoo officials are pleased by the Sumatran tiger cubs'€™ progress

Hamilton Zoo's two little Sumatran tiger cubs are a holiday gift to the region.

5 best animal rescues of 2014

STUCK IN THE MUD: Lee the horse fell into a large hole and had to be winched to safety.

If these animals could talk, they would probably say something along the lines of "oh, noes".

Nature's cutest animals of science in 2014 video

toupee monkey

From TV-watching marmosets to pretend baby penguins, the weekly scientific journal Nature has picked its cutest animal stories in science from the past year.

Dogs get moves like wagger

JUMPING THROUGH HOOPS: Tatiana and Sofie have been canine freestyle training for four years.

At last, a dance class where two left feet is the norm!

The dog with 3-D printed legs

Derby the dog

Grab some tissues: An adorable dog named Derby, born with deformed front legs, has been given a set of 3-D printed prosthetics.

Tassie devils park up in city video

FEARSOME REPUTATION: Four Tasmanian devils can now call Christchurch home.

Four of the carnivorous marsupials have moved from Melbourne to a new home at Orana Wildlife Park.

The funny things people say

PLEASE DON'T PUT SPAGHETTI BETWEEN YOUR TOES: Pages from Martin Bruckner's book.

One American dad decided to turn all the weird things his three-year-old says into a blog, called Spaghetti Toes.

Baby Morepork free again

RECOVERED: The Morepork has spent a month in the care of the Avian Wildlife Rehabilitation Trust.

Abandoned baby Morepork rescued by off-duty Hamilton police officer will spend Christmas back in the wild. 

Third time lucky for lost seal pup

A young seal is being fattened up at Lochmara Lodge in the Queen Charlotte Sound after it was found wandering the streets of Picton last week

A young seal found wandering the streets of Picton last week is relaxing at a Marlborough Sounds resort trying to put on a bit of weight.

Dogs tuck in to Xmas lunch video

Freshpet Holiday Feast - 13 Dogs and 1 Cat Eating with Human Hands.

What do you get when you add 13 dogs and one cat with 14 pairs of human hands? One ridiculously cute video.

Mystery black kitten gets stuck in tyre

Cath and Zoe Bakkum with the kitten that was trapped under the rear suspension of their car.

The rescuer said it was the most unusual thing he has pulled from a rear-wheel suspension.

Dog is terrified of pineapples video

Dog afraid of pineapples

This pitbull tries to confront her fear, but boy that rough exterior and those spiky fronds can be petrifying.

Girl puts villain in his place video

Little girl tells off Gaston at Disney World

This little girl didn't mince her words when she met misogynistic Beauty and the Beast star Gaston.

The $130-million-dollar cat

Cheer up Grumpy Cat, you're worth $130 million.

Who knew memes could translate into so much cash? This sour-faced 2-year-old is now worth more than most Hollywood stars.

How to wrap a cat video

How to wrap a cat

All you need some some paper (the hardier, the better), a big bow and one very, very placid feline.

This is how you get a party started video

A little girl starts a hoedown with her energetic dancing on a New York subway platform.

One little girl. One tune. And a New York Subway platform full of commuters is all it takes.

Cat calls of a different kind

Beck Eleven

OPINION: It's less Sweet Nothings and more Just Nothings and cat tales.

Who's good and who's bad?

SAVED: Bella with the Price family children; Stephen, 6, Leighana, 13, and Paige, 9.

A country dog on death row has had a reprieve. The key to her defence was a city dog.

Girl's guilt trip on Santa

Emily's letter to Santa shared on Reddit

"Dear Santa, I don't want all the other nine things on the list I sent to my father. I only want the puppy" is the best opening to a letter ever.

Foals back from brink of death

SLEEP TIGHT: One newborn cuddles up in bed with his toddler friend.

Auckland woman tentatively celebrating after her newborn twins Bert and Ernie beat the odds to survive "nightmare" birth.

Kitten nearly crushed by machines

Fortunate feline: Transfer Station driver and labourer Gary Wilson pictured with Lucky Luna the kitten.

Staff save kitten from being killed by tonnes of machinery in rubbish pit.

Jetsetting kiwi gets a nose job

Baby chick only days old.

A jet-setting kiwi chick has returned home after two surgeries to put its beak back into joint.

Captain Puffleface to the rescue video

MOTHER HEN: Daniel Lynch, 12, was surprised to find a wild kitten he named Tiger had found an unlikely parental figure in one of his chickens. Daniel is pictured with another chicken - Nick the Chick.

When a wild kitten needed a friend, a chicken stepped up. Let Daniel Lynch, 12, tell the story...

Zoo welcomes tiger cubs video

CATNAP: Hamilton Zoo's newest attractions, two Sumatran tiger cubs, take a well earned rest after exploring their den. The pair were born on November 16.

After a whirlwind romance of sorts, Hamilton Zoo has welcomed two tiny Sumatran tigers to their family.

Bud the otter put down

Wellington Zoo otter Bud has died.

Football-World-Cup-predicting otter to be shipped to New Plymouth zoo after mate's death.

Munchkin on the move

WORK IT: Munchkin on the move.

Go home, internet. You won't be able to top this video today.

Dog makes some dolphin friends video

Jackie the puppy and dolphins

Jackie the curious puppy gets up close and personal with dolphins.

Cop rescues Morepork chick

JAIL BIRD: A baby morepork spent the night in police custody after it was found on alone on a Hamilton road. Pictured:  Bill Smith, from Hamilton's Animal Wildlife Rehabilitation Trust.

A Morepork chick blown from its perch during storm spends the night in police custody.

He's lovin' it gallery

MCSTUCK: A hedgehog was rescued by Nelson police after wandering into an open road with a McFlurry container on its head.

Nelson police have saved a life, but not in their typical line of duty.

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