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How to pat your cat

We're no scientists but that is NOT how you pet you cat.

Cats are touchy things at the best of times. But now science has worked out how best to stroke them.

Why are cities so anti-dog?

Rebecca Roberts with her dog Darcy in her dog-friendly shop The General Store.

Dog owners get hot under the collar about endless restrictions on their poochy pals.

Dog's best friend

"'He helps Glenn find his way to his bed by sort of pushing him towards the front of the kennel and guiding him in."

Blind jack russell and his own guide dog are looking for a new family after being tragically abandoned.

One high-flying feline

Oh, hello.

Cat stows away on light aircraft, lives to tell tail.

Woman carries deaf dog to safety video

Acting manager of the Flamingo Motel Belinda Rountree, left, with Jenny Haupapa, and her 15-year-old dog Kaya. Haupapa and Kaya were evacuated from their flooded home on Saturday and are now staying at the motel.

Taranaki woman Jenny Haupapa evacuated her flooded home while carrying her 15-year-old deaf dog Kaya.

Turtle odyssey takes troubling turn video

11 year old Kelsie Sammons Gray with Lois the Turtle.

On the surface, Lois' return seems an amazing journey. But is it Lois, or an "evil twin"?

Auckland's new elephant arrives

Anjalee will need to adjust from the tropical warmth of Niue to Auckland in winter.

There may as well have been a red carpet, such was the celebrity of Anjalee’s arrival at Auckland Zoo on Sunday evening.

Meet the cat with alien eyes

Matilda's glassy-eyed look comes from a rare genetic disorder.

She may have an unusual genetic condition, but her owners say she's "perfect and beautiful".

Help name a biosecurity puppy video

The adorable puppies could land you with a hefty fine.

Fido? Fredo? Frodo? A new litter of biosecurity beagles need names.

Teaching an old bird new tricks video

Wellington Zoo vet nurse Sarah van Herpt works at rehabilitating two Fiordland crested penguins, known as Henry and Gary.

Keeping a Wellington Zoo's big cat from tearing off his bandages all in a day's work.

Meet 'Nutter', the kiwi chick

'Nutter' the kiwi chick – 90 per cent fluff and 10 per cent pointy – is one of 59 Okarito rowi and 20 Haast tokoeka kiwi chicks to have hatched this season at DOC's Franz Josef's kiwi creche.

"Nutter" – 90% fluff and 10% pointy – is one of the latest brood of kiwi raised at a creche in Franz Josef.

Cutest complaint ever?

"Do not buy this, even for your cat."

Woman ropes in her unsuspecting kitty to post a scathing review of this crochet monstrosity.

Cuteness alert! World's smallest deer

The world's cutest and smallest deer.

A tiny deer is generating a giant dose of cuteness in New York City.

Baby seal joins the club video

Seven year old Drew, left, and ten year old Thomas Hedge, from Peka Peka, meeting a seal pup this morning.

A Kapiti family is the latest to have had a close seal pup encounter after a spate of visits up and down the country.

A makeover saved his life video

Charlie - then and now. Makeovers aren't always just superficial, sometimes they save lives ...

This is Charlie. He was given a second chance. Here's how.

Emu eats the wrong greens

Georgia, the sock-eating emu.

A green sock is available to pick up at Wellington Zoo, but there is a curious catch.

Tiny twins born at Natureland video

One of Natureland's pygmy marmoset monkeys Peru with his newborn baby on board.

Natureland's newest arrivals may be hard to spot, but if you look closely you can see a baby attached to his dad's back.

The sausage and the bramble

Tess the sausage dog was found four days after going missing in Upper Hutt.

Fire fighters and heat-detecting equipment were brought in to help find a dachshund in distress.

Behold: Cube dogs

cube dogs

What's better than a cute fluffy pup? A cute fluffy pup rocking sharp angles.

Baby seal makes a house call video

A baby seal came into Clare Christian's Raumati home on Sunday.

An adorable baby seal made a welcome guest in a Kapiti Coast home on Sunday morning.

Give this rescue dog a bone

Gemma the LandSAR dog.

She's helped rescue dozens of others from life-threatening situations, and now it's Gemma who needs some saving. 

'Unusual' behaviour for a male cat video

Henry snuggles with the abandoned kittens.

This boy cat is doing something pretty unusual - and it might save the life of six kittens.

Lizards, skinks and turtles make classroom fun

Sally Hibbard shows Pinehurst pupils a tortoise

A TIME AND A PLACE: Pinehurst School, Albany, Auckland, Monday, 1.30pm

Find Fido fast video

Pedigree Found app

The new Pedigree Found app promises to find lost dogs in a flash.

Kittens loving their herbal highs video

Moose sucks a stolen herbal teabag as owner Heather Talbott looks on. Both her kittens seem to be hooked on the 'herbal highs'.

Two Timaru kittens are finding herbal teabags so irresistible they are breaking into the pantry and helping themselves.

Have you seen this dog?

A dog that was impounded in Mt Wellington on May 7.

A lost pets Facebook page works tirelessly to reunite animals with their owners. But they need help.

Hamilton Zoo's tiger cubs named gallery

010415 .News. Photo: Peter Drury/ Fairfax NZ.
Hamilton Zoo . The young Sumatran Tiger cubs born to Sali play in thier enclosure .

Hamilton Zoo's growing Sumatran tiger cubs have been given traditional Indonesian names.

Stolen bulldog reunited with family

Poppy was seen by Laura Pierce's partner outside their driveway on the street a week after the incident.

"Once she was gone, in our eyes, there was nothing left worth taking."

Meet Concerned Kitten

Could Concerned Kitten be the new Grumpy Cat?

First there was Grumpy Cat. But could this "Gary Barlow lookalike" ursurp the internet favourite?

New baby for Willowbank video

Willowbank Wildlife Reserve has a new small, furry addition.

Willowbank Wildlife Reserve has a new small, furry addition.

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