Furry Friday: Ladies a pet

Furry Friday


Every week you see numerous photos of our favourite furry creatures. Today, meet some of their female owners.

Whale scream: Animal lover freaks out

humback whale

Julie Rossman likes whales. No, she reaaallllly likes whales. She's a fool in love with whales.

Which feline will get the Golden Kitty Award?

cat strap

It's the Internet's favourite time of year, as online voting kicks off for the best cat video.

Furry Friday: Why we love cats

Furry Friday


A set of less mainstream reasons why we adore the most elegant of domestic creatures: the feline.

Dog-baby crawling school


One lovely pup decides to teach his tiny human sister how to get around on the ground: our hearts melt.

Furry Friday: A ray of light

Four legs good


The shortest, darkest day may be almost upon us, but in the brief rays of wintery sunshine you'll find pets.

Elephants snore, like lullabies


This video of an elephant getting snoozy while being sung to is your happiness trigger for the day.

Prince George takes first steps

Prince George

A month shy of his first birthday, Prince George toddles off, pursued by his mother.

Just like a puppy, only 56kgs

Busta Singh

Busta's abundance of torque means he now gets walked with an industrial strength chain.

Furry Friday: Heart melters

Four legs good


These adorabled four-legged creatures will take your life-hardened heart and melt it a little. You're welcome.

Would you adopt a disabled pet?

Four legs good


Knowing a disabled pet's future isn't going to be standard, would you adopt it?

Furry Friday: Blanket coverage

Four legs good


If your pet could write you a thankyou note, the humble blanket would undoubtedly get a glowing mention.

Is there any harm in baby shaming?

baby shaming

Is baby shaming just a new way of sharing the everyday frustrations of parenting? Or is it something we should be concerned about?

Furry Friday: Hearth and soul

Furry Friday


It's hard to think of anywhere safer and more homey than the place where heat comes from - pets certainly agree.

Goat and donkey reunion will brighten your day


This wee goat's reaction to the return of his donkey friend will melt your heart.

Thieving cat has eye for babies' clothing

Kleptomaniac cat has eye for baby clothing

Rascal the thieving cat

Helen Cooper wants to find the owners of the baby's facecloth, pair of socks, scarf and knitted cardigan Rascal brought home.

Long summer means more kittens


A huge influx of unwanted kittens is prompting vets to take action by cutting the cost of desexing cats.

Furry Friday: A day in the life

furry friday


You may think pets live simple lives, but every minute of the day, there's a job to do.

Two new cheetahs for Wellington Zoo

Your chance to meet Cango and Shomari


Two more cheetahs are heading to Wellington Zoo, direct from the wilds of Christchurch.

Bruce and Cookie are best buddies

Bruce and cookie

A fall from a truck and befriending a hunter are the escapades that brought two pigs together.

Frostie the snow goat takes his first steps


This video is without a doubt the most heart-warming thing you will see today.

Someone actually studied why we love cat videos


Yes, someone has actually studied why we love cat videos. How? By watching a ton of them.

Elephant's oil painting goes to auction


A painting by Kashin the elephant, who died five years ago, is expected to bring up to $3000 at auction.

10 cute cats that could be yours


These adorable fluffballs are up for adoption - but get in quick, the cuteness factor has never been higher.

She's fearless with beavers


Meet the 'top live trapper of beavers in North America'. She's a hairdresser. She's fabulous.

Dumped Hutt kittens flown to Chathams


It's a long way from the Hutt to the Chatham Islands, but that's the journey two kittens made.

Furry Friday: Best mates


Cats and cats, cats and dogs, goats and goats. Here are some super cute besties.

Letting Lucky go

When Lucky was diagnosed with Lymphoma, the bottom came crashing out of my world.

Furry Friday: Happiness is a puppy

Furry Friday


Even a shivering puppy is better than anything else, so long as you can cuddle it and return it to its warm, wiggly state.

Purr-fectly happy with three legs

Betty the kitten breaks hearts at SPCA

Betty the cat

Wellington SPCA's newest resident has full use of three legs - but she needs surgery to remove her fourth.

My dog does this really great trick

Happy dog

"My dog does this really great trick, he just exists and makes my entire life better."

Dog befriends disabled kitten


Wee Ralphee has a neurological disorder, but her canine pal Max is always there to make sure she's safe.

New Zealand's love of felines remains

Cat show

200 cats from all over the country turned out to let their fur do the talking this weekend.

Four rare white tiger cubs born

White tiger cubs

A white Bengal tigress, a gift from former Ukrainian Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko, gives birth to four cubs.

A storm, a lost dog...and a happy ending

Reckless the dog

They lost their loved pet in Superstorm Sandy, but guess who they found when they went to the pound to get a new dog.

Cheetah cub escapes Orana Park enclosure

Cub makes daring escape and roams zoo

cheetah cubs

A daring cheetah cub has escaped from its enclosure at Orana Wildlife Park to roam freely in the public area.

Tiny hamster devours tiny burrito


Watch this tiny ball of fluff tuck in to some painstakingly prepared (and delicious looking) burritos. It's magical.

Furry Friday: Cats in comfort

Four legs good


Are you sitting comfortably? If you were a cat, I wouldn't need to ask, because the answer would always be yes.

This may be the cutest thing ever


Here's something happy to cheer up your day: her reaction has well and truly stolen our hearts.

Furry Friday: Our best poses

Four legs good


Pets don't have to do any arduous squinching and smizing in photos - their posing is natural and continuous.

Prince George's 20 cutest moments


His chubby little cheeks had us at hello, here are his best moments.

Tasmanian devils settle into Auckland zoo

Tasmanian devil

An Aussie furball with a devilish reputation is spinning up a storm at Auckland Zoo.

Easter Egg hunt with a difference at Zoo


An Easter Egg hunt with a difference has provided plenty of fun for a family of gorillas.

Royals 'pining' to get back to Prince George

Catherine and Prince George

They were only apart for one night, but Wills and Kate couldn't wait to get back to their little guy.

Lupo gets a Kiwi winter coat

royal lupo

Prince William and Kate's family pooch Lupo is to be kitted out in a New Zealand-made coat.

Furry Friday: Restfully alert

Four legs good


Cats spend many hours fully awake but reclining, or as I like to call it, conscious recumbency.

Lil Bub's message of acceptance

Four legs good


In the world of celebrity cats - and yes, there is such a world - this little special needs puss is near the top.

Hungry, dribbly, much-loved Simba



Simba, a reader's pet, was a supersized, creamy ginger kiss - and about as calorific.

Furry Friday: The dogs' hour



There is no joy like that of a dog enjoying the great outdoors ...

The friends your dog makes

Four legs good


One of the joys of the whole culture of dog-walking is the joy of the familiar, not just the new.
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